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Change download location in IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera

In this post we will see how to change the download folder location to Desktop or any other location in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera in Windows 8. By default, most browsers download files from the Internet to the system Download folder, located at C:\Users\username\Downloads. But there may be some who may want to download the files to the Desktop for immediate ease of access or to some other location, maybe on another drive.

Change download location in IE

If you wish to change the download directory in IE from the Downloads folder to any other location, say for example the Desktop, do the following. Open Internet Explorer. Press Ctrl+J to open the View Downloads box. Click on Options.

Browse to the desired folder and select it. Click OK.

Change download location in Chrome

Launch Google Chrome web browser. Next open Settings. Scroll down. Click on Show Advanced settings. Again scroll down till you see Downloads.

Here click on Change, browse to the desired folder and select it.

Change download location in Firefox

In Firefox, you can open Settings > Options > General tab. Here under Downloads browse to the Desktop or the desired folder and select it.

This will change the Download location.

Change download location in Opera

Open Opera browser and then open its Settings.

Under Downloads press the Change button to change the download location.

Thus, you can change your download location to any folder of you choice in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

This post will show you how to change download location in Edge.

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