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How to change default number of Worksheets in Excel workbook

Microsoft Excel is probably the best tool if you want to create an invoice, report card or almost anything which involves numbers. Everybody uses Excel either offline or online. This Microsoft tool has been helping different types of people – from regular office employees to students. Excel now comes with some beautiful templates which can spruce up your spreadsheet. However, no matter what version of Microsoft Excel you use, you get only one worksheet in one workbook. If you want to change the default number of worksheets in an Excel workbook, here is a trick.

When you start Excel on your computer, you will find only one sheet. Let’s assume that you want to create a report for students that requires multiple worksheets. You can click on the “New Sheet” button to create a new sheet. But, what if you need to create multiple reports of say thirty or forty students? If you go to click on the New Sheet button every time, you will end up wasting a lot of time. If you need to open multiple worksheets when you open Excel, you can easily change a setting.

Change default number of worksheets in Excel

Microsoft Excel can make this change easily on its own. For your information, you cannot do the same with Excel Online. Therefore, the following trick is based on the desktop version. More specifically, this method has been carried out on Microsoft Excel 2016. However, it seems, it will work smoothly in Excel 2013 as well.

To get started, open Microsoft Excel on your computer.Go to File and select Options. Make sure you are on the General tab. Here, you should see a heading called When creating new workbooks.

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Under it, you will find Include this many sheets. By default, it should 1. Remove it and enter a number from 1 to 255.

Having done this, you will need to restart your Excel. After opening it, you will find as many worksheets as you have selected.

For your information, this trick doesn’t work on templates. You have to select Blank workbook when starting the Excel app on your computer to utilize this trick.

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