1. Rin Tsukamoto

    I followed every step and still every time I restart my computer it goes back to the previous name once I log in….

  2. Daniel Fowler

    doesn’t change anything for me T_T

  3. ipKonfig

    Well, his advice blows anyway. He’s showing you how to change it “IF” you are logged in using a Microsoft account.

  4. Jack Jack

    If you don’t have a Microsoft account

    Step 1: Access Control Panel/User Accounts and Family Safety/User Accounts.

    Step 2: Choose Change your account name.

  5. ipKonfig

    No I know how. I’m stating that the instructions were not written for someone, such as myself, who does not use (or does not want to) use an MS account in Win10.

  6. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

    This doesn’t work. It doesn’t show how to change username. When I go to My Computer > C: > Users: I want to change the folder name for my user. This website does NOT say how to do that.

  7. SnappleSAWCE

    This doesnt change anything anyway

  8. Boludo

    Most worthless post on the whole microsoft page, confusing, useless and I didn´t even get to change my damn username, waste of time…

  9. Nimbus Blue

    It worked for me.

  10. Jak

    I looked up a way to change my email linked to my Microsoft account. This “advice is for the people who don’t know how to simply read the page. On the Microsoft account page, it has an “edit name” option like shown above. however, it does not give an option to edit email. So this whole page was essentially created for the illiterate. And to anyone still trying to find a way to switch your email, there is no way whatsoever to change it. If you want to change your email, you will have to make a new account.

  11. Person

    it just shows my email as my name??

  12. John King

    Microsoft took my email address and used the first 5 characters for my user name in explorer! How do I change this?

  13. Chris

    The name on the microsoft account is correct but it show the email for log in and not the name. Is there a way to change that preference. I’m probably just missing the right prompt right now.

  14. Chris

    Never mind apparently it was a “you need to verify the account issue” and after going to the website and checking the name and other info the name for the account is showing.

  15. Andante

    Answer is simple, just follow carefully: press windows key and R key together. This will open “run” window. Type in run window: control.exe nusrmgr.cpl and hit enter. Control panel will open with user setting options, click on “change your account name”. Window 10 does not show Control Panel anymore, it has been replaced by Settings, which is a very limited, incapable version of Control Panel.

  16. Phi;

    My new email is correct everywhere except the start up screen, How do I change to the correct email with windows 10 on the start up screen??

  17. PD

    You are correct Jack Jack

  18. Many Thanks for this simple but useful tip. I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. 🙂

  19. Giselle

    I just simply want to change the name of the person- this s a work pc and I want to see my name on the screen not someonelse’s-

  20. Deva

    Andante, thank you so much it works like a charm

  21. John Alm

    if your using a email & password to log-in to account , change to a local account and changing a family member or users name is pretty simple , then go back to email & password account if you choose

  22. Samuel Fitzsimmons

    Okay everyone, here’s how you do it. Step 1: Go to control panel. Step 2: Click on user accounts. Step 3: Click on user accounts again… (because for whatever reason you have to). Step 4: Click “change your account name.” Step 5: Type in new name. Step 6: Stand up and do a two-step (this means dance for those of you techy-types).

  23. Samuel Fitzsimmons

    Otherwise, follow his steps to change the Microsoft account, if you have one.

  24. Nathan E Bowman

    change user account name is NOT an option

  25. Tom Mikota

    I can confirm this – change user name does not show up for me. there’s a blank space where it looks like it should be, but no change user name.

  26. sunil m

    How Can we get this user info from command line?

  27. Judy Beal

    How do I change the administration account? I have locked myself out of my old email and I re-created a new account. However it wont let me change it until I verify my old account?!?!?!?! Please help… thanks

  28. Morgan Heldman

    Same issue. Change account name is not an option. This is really pissing me off.

  29. That Guy

    This was absolutely no help at all. My computer is using my Xbox username which normally I wouldn’t mind but considering my username isn’t exactly “appropriate”, I would like to change it. I had my whole family asking what “mota” is and that’s definitely not cool.

  30. Benny Vigan Madsen

    Finally someone who knew how to do this AND give instructions on how to do it. Thank you!

  31. Rodney

    Thank you the guy from a year ago.

  32. Scott Kay

    Fantastic – works! Cheers: windows key and R key together. This will open “run” window. Type in run window: control.exe nusrmgr.cpl and hit enter.

  33. Phillip Carl Catigay

    It worked. Thanks Andante! You’re the man

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