Center, Fill, Fit, Stretch, Tile, Span wallpapers in Windows 10

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  1. Finally had some time to find out, so replying to myself, just in case someone might be interested.
    Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelPersonalizationDesktop Slideshow,
    then modify the value data of Interval (in milliseconds, choose decimal as base). That’s it!

  2. when i chose center, the background remains black whereas i want to have a white one. is there any option to do so?

  3. .
    How to force BGInfo to leave the Desktop Background setting — it resets it to [ Tile ], and repeats ( sadly, BGInfo seems only capable of making a 1536×864 image for my 1920×1080 screen, and instead of my preference to [ Fit ], it resets to [ Tile ] no matter what I do — change permission in the registry? ).

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  5. well i already knew that what I wanted to know was how to fit the LockScreen background so it actually looked like something i woud have there 😀

  6. I am using Wally as my wallpaper slideshow. It is somewhat irritating that personalization always sets to centre everytime the picture changes. I want it fill and stay that way. How to make it it work?

  7. Hello out there! I have tried the above solution many times and it has never worked for me. No matter which choice I select the photo does not resize as indicated. Nothing happens. Got some neat photos to use as desktop but they are usually too big and don’t appear as I’d like. Any help…thanks.

  8. THANK YOU! I tried to find this information in a Microsoft help app, the community, all of it. They couldn’t just explain what each setting for “choose a fit” meant. It was maddening.

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