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CCleaner 5 Review: Remove PC junk files and clear disk space in Windows

Crowned as the best Windows junk and temporary file cleaning and optimizing tool, CCleaner, has received an update from its developers. CCleaner 5 is now available for download. Besides improved performance, better cleaning speeds and a changed UI, it offers better compatibility for Windows 10/8/7 systems.

CCleaner review

While the built-in Disk Cleanup utility does a good-enough job, this utility cleans more and is safe to use! It removes unused files from your system and frees up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. Additionally, it contains a fully featured registry cleaner. But the best part is that it’s fast!

The Junk File Cleaner Tool lets you clean out Windows junk as well as junk files generated by installed software.

It cleans the following:

The Registry Cleaning  Tool is quite a safe tool to use. It also allows you to backup the registry before deleting entries.

Features in a nutshell

In the Tools section, you will see sections that will let you Uninstall programs, Manage Startups of Windows, Browsers, Context Menu as well as Scheduled Tasks.

Quite useful is the Context Menu management tool which allows you to manage third-party context menu items in the program interface. Here you see a list of third-party Windows Explorer context menu items that you can Disable or Delete. Disabling basically just deactivate and hides the item from the menu list, it will be helpful in cases where you are uncertain about the future requirement of that particular item. Deleting will permanently remove the item from the Context Menu list and can never bring back to use.

CCleaner now also includes a Disk Analyzer Tool that lets you see the files which are occupying your disk-space.

The Options section lets you change the program settings, manage Cookies and its exceptions, and more.

CCleaner free download

CCleaner is one of the best free registry cleaning software for Windows. It is one of the most preferred junk temporary files cleaner and free registry cleaning software for clearing disk space and removing invalid registry entries from your Windows PC.

The basic version of CCleaner is available for free to download and use and is more than enough for a computer which is being used as a personal machine. To download CCleaner Free, visit its official product website. Apart from the regular Installer version, it also offers a Portable version.

Apart from the free version, CCleaner also offers three paid options:

  1. CCleaner Professional version offers more cleaning options, real-time junk monitoring, automatic history cleaning, and automatic updating options. It costs $24.95.
  2. CCleaner Professional Plus version offers all these and even Defragmentation, File Recovery & Hardware Analysis functions. Also included in this 4-in-1 cleaning and recovery toolkit are Recuva, Defraggler, and Speccy. It costs just $39.95.
  3. CCleaner Business Edition is designed for any size business that wants an on-premise version of our award winning product
    installed on multiple end points.

You might want to also check out CCEnhancer. It is an add-on that lets you add some 1000+ programs to CCleaner.

Any CCleaner users here? Do let us have your feedback and observations about this freeware for Windows.

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