CCleaner Cloud: Clean, Analyze, Defrag Windows PC remotely

One of its kind, CCleaner Cloud offers cloud-based solutions in cleaning, analyzing, and defragging of Windows PC’s remotely. CCleaner for desktop has been a popular Windows desktop tune-up utility used over the years.  CCleaner Cloud comes out as the cloud version of the application that has not only inherited original features of CCleaner but also added several new ones.

CCleaner Cloud review

One of the major distinguishing difference between CCleaner and CCleaner Cloud is that the maker Piriform has moved the control center to the web so that you can control one or multiple PCs remotely.

Setting-Up CCleaner Cloud

To use the CCleaner Cloud, you first need to set up create an account for yourself on the official site and wait for the invitation. Though the maximum time limit of receiving the invitation email is 24 hours, you may get the same in just an hour or so. (In my case, it just took 30 minutes to get an invitation email).

Once the account is activated, you can add PC’s to the cloud by installing CCleaner Cloud Agent on them. You will be prompted to enter the email address and password for authentication. Administrative privileges are needed.  Remember that with the free version you can add a maximum of 3 PCs.

The First Panel view

Once you log in with your email and password, the first-panel view displays out the important recent events of your PC. As shown below, with the free account, you are allowed to add two more PCs.

CCleaner Cloud

Next, click on the PC, which is Online and the application automatically shows a summary page which includes information on the Operating system, CPU, RAM, Motherboard, and Graphics.  Along with above, you can also see disk space usage, events, and graphs with the evolution of network bandwidth, memory, and CPU consumption, along with the most demanding active processes.

CCleaner Cloud

With CCleaner Cloud, analyze the hardware and software configuration

CCleaner Cloud

The web browser interface provides detailed information about the hardware and software configuration of the PC. To access the same, just click on the Hardware and Software tab located at the top left corner of the web browser interface.

CCleaner Cloud

Hardware lists down specification such as Operating System, CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Graphics, Hard Drives, Optical Drives, Audio, Peripherals, and Network.

CCleaner Cloud

On the other hand, Software lists down information about the Operating system, running processes, startup items, and installed the software. Additionally, it also provides a separate option for adding new software and available Windows Update.

How to use CCleaner Cloud

Similar to CCleaner, CCleaner Cloud is an ideal tool for system optimization, cleaning Windows Registry, deleting temporary Internet files, and various other cleaning activities.

To start using the application, click CCleaner > Analyze.

The Analysis hardly takes a few seconds, and you can see the list of programs that can be cleaned to free your hard drive.

CCleaner Cloud

CCleaner has an impressive UI and making use of the two tabs located at the top left corner of the application window you can select or deselect the corresponding application for cleaning. As shown below, you can choose to check or uncheck the cleanings rules in the Windows and Applications tabs. You can specify exactly what you want to be analyzed.

CCleaner Cloud

Similarly, CCleaning is an effective Registry Cleaning tool as well. To start with Registry cleaning, click on the Registry tab located at the top left corner of the application window. Now, click on “Scan for Issue” to start scanning.

Defrag Drives and Analyze events with CCleaner Cloud

Something which was absent in CCleaner earlier versions – CCleaner Cloud allows you to perform remote defragging functions on your PC’s. You can analyze and defrag the partitions and run quick defrag tasks, process free space only, process free space and allow fragmentation, as well as view all files that must be processed. The end feature, “Events” allows you to analyze and record the events that have occurred in your PC.

Closing Comments

CCleaner Cloud allows you to independently take care of tune-up activities of multiple PC’s remotely without asking anybody’s assistance. The free web tool offers an impressive set of features to monitor and analyze PC’s performance over the web. The free version lets you can add a maximum of 3 PCs.

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Apart from the CCleaner Free & CCleaner Cloud, it also offers two paid options:

  1. CCleaner Professional version offers more cleaning options, real-time junk monitoring, automatic history cleaning, and automatic updating options. It costs $24.95.
  2. CCleaner Professional Plus version offers all these and even Defragmentation, File Recovery & Hardware Analysis functions. Also included in this 4-in-1 cleaning and recovery toolkit are Recuva, Defraggler, and Speccy. It costs just $39.95.
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