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Developing Windows 7.5 Mango Apps, Part 4: if statement

In previous chapters of this series, we started off with very basic things like introduction, first small application and we also learnt some other basic concepts like variables and assigning values to them. In this chapter, things will get a […]

How to create an app for Windows Phone 7 using Appmakr

Windows Phone 7 has become a household name in a short duration of time and has a huge collection of apps in its MarketPlace. App development has  a huge potential in the smart phone industry. Most of us at some point […]

Download free tool to create Themes for Windows Phone

While there are several ways one can customize Windows desktop operating system, when it comes to the Windows Phone mobile operating system, Windows Phone users are aware that the only way you can personalize or customize your Windows Phones theme is […]

Download Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone

Some days ago Microsoft released a new Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone 7.5 Smartphones. The application is an easy way to control an Xbox console with a Windows phone. It will allow you to play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward […]

Microsoft triggers Android rage on Twitter

Innovative it may seem as Microsoft decided to gift 5 Windows Phone devices to folks who come up with unique (maybe funny) experiences regarding the malware on their Android phone. Ben Rudolph, Windows Phone evangelist from Microsoft, popularly known as […]

SkyDrive App for Windows Phone and iPhone launched

Microsoft today announced the release of apps for the Windows Phone and iPhone platform, that will let users interact with SkyDrive very conveniently. The cloud storage service has now decided to provide its Microsoft and non-Microsoft users a different way […]

HTC Arrive Windows Phone:Tech Specs, Review and Price

HTC Arrive is a rare CDMA Smartphones running Windows Phone Mango. This QWERTY device has promising specs that are enhanced, thanks to the Windows Phone Mango update. It features the usual HTC sturdy design and a power-packed anotomy to make […]

Samsung Focus S Windows Phone: Impression, Specs, Price

Samsung Galaxy SII has received, and is still receiving, a huge response, thanks to its specs and usability of Android. Now imagine its sibling running Windows Phone Mango OS, that’s what they call Samsung Focus S. However, it’s not just a […]

NextGen Reader: Google Reader app for Windows Phone Mango

NextGen Reader, a Google Reader app for Windows Phone Mango has been updated to v2.2. Inspired by the Windows Phone Outlook application, this Google Reader app for Windows Phone sports a clean and a beautiful design. What’s new in NextGen Reader […]