Edit and add special effects to your pictures with Cartoon Me

Are you looking for an effortless and convenient software to edit your pictures and add some special effects to them? Look no more, Cartoon Me is your solution. Where other picture editing applications just provide the regular editing features, Cartoon Me also allows you to add Photoshop-like effects, with ease super-fast speed.

Make me into a Cartoon

Adding to the speed with which the effects are applied, Cartoon Me is so much easier to use that even a novice can easily customize pictures and add the desired effect to give a new look to the picture. Cartoon Me is designed for ultimate convenience, and that is why it is compatible with almost all the image formats and sizes.

It’s simple menu consists of three main functions: File, Picture and Cartoonize.


The File Menu consists of all the relevant functions to open, save, copy, paste, close, manage page setup, print and print preview options, etc. Along with all these, there is a Reload function to refresh the image to its original self by removing all the applied effects and settings.


The Picture Menu constitutes of all the relevant picture editing tools generally required before adding effects. These tools include zoom options (Zoom In & Zoom Out), resize, rotate, crop and clone (save another copy), to be applied to the desired picture.


The last menu in this simple application, consists of a couple of well-chosen effects to be applied to the picture, to give it a cartoon-like look. These effects include Erosion, Threshold, Burkes, Homogenity, Sobel, Canny, Painting, Jitter and Pixelate effects. Along with these effects, Cartoon Me also offers two options to further smoothening the picture for best results.

In order to customize your picture, simply click on File >> Open or select the open shortcut from the tool bar to select the picture of your choice. The tool bar also gives access to the already present functions, as shortcuts, along with some additional functions like Levels Correction and Fit to Window, among other important functions.

Here is my picture with my favorite ‘Painting’ effect:


Cartoon Me Adds special effects

Try it for yourselves and share feedback! Although, the application froze on the Painting effect, but with 2-3 tries, I got the desired output. You can download Cartoon Me here.

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