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Caret Browsing in Internet Explorer

Caret Browsing is a new feature introduced in Internet Explorer 8 and later.  With this feature enabled, you can using the navigating keys on the keyboard, select text & move it around within a webpage .

You can select and copy snippets of text as short as a single character by using only the keyboard. Other content types such as tables or images can also be selected and copied.

Enable Caret Browsing in Internet Explorer

To turn on Caret Browsing in Internet Explorer, press F7.

It can be enabled on a per tab basis or for all tabs and windows. Moving the cursor within the text of a webpage is like moving the cursor within the text of a Microsoft Word document. To select text, hold the Shift key & press the arrow keys.

Instead of  using a mouse to select text and move around within a webpage, you can use standard navigation keys on your keyboard : Home, End, Page Up, Page Down & the arrow keys. This feature  is named after the caret, or cursor, that appears when you edit a document.

If you wish to enable Caret browsing on startup of Internet Explorer, you can tweak the setting with our Ultimate Windows Tweaker. Go here to learn how to turn on Caret Browsing Support In Internet Explorer 10 using Regedit or Gpedit.