Monitor your Daily Calorie Intake and Diet Plan with Calorie Balance Diet

We all know health issues related to excessive calorie intake are numerous and losing weight is no easy job especially, when one is required to achieve it in a definite period of time. That said, there is more choice than ever now. Many tools are available in market today which help in monitoring your daily calories intake and manage your diet on a regular basis. Calorie Balance Diet is one such free software that helps you monitor your daily calories intake by keeping a diet journal.

The program features a simple and intuitive interface that helps you keep useful schedules and records of your daily diet plan. The Spreadsheet – style database of foods and calories makes your food intake abundantly clear. Also, a simple wizard lets you input your height, weight, gender, age and other variable to measure the same.

Based on the above results, the program then informs you, how much amount you should intake calories or cut it to maintain current weight /achieve the targeted weight loss. It uses an activity level slider that essentially ranges from sluggard to dynamo and helps to get real results. Besides, there is a recipe editor and shopping list tool which make it easier to introduce any changes or modifications in diet plan.

This very useful freeware for the health conscious includes a calorie counter with over 31,000 foods with easy unit conversion. You can create meals, meal plans or even download plans from the Internet. The program also includes an exercise calculator, a journal and progress reports.

Calorie Balance Diet Features:

  • Calorie Counter: Over 31,000 foods are at your fingertips
  • Intelligent search option
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Meal planner : Creates and edits meals
  • Recipe builder:  Provides estimates on the calories, and nutrition of your food
  • Shopping lists: Easily print out a shopping list for yourself
  • Journals and Reports: Tracks your progress

Calorie Balance Diet usage is not limited to a single person; it has been designed keeping multiple users in mind.

Download now: Calorie Balance Diet.

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