CalcuTray: A Calculator for Windows 7, which stores calculation history

CalcuTray is a small and very interesting application for those who use Windows Calculator frequently. Windows Calculator can perform all the basic calculations but cannot store the history of the results. Unlike Windows Calculator, CalcuTray can also store history part, quite easily.

CalcuTray is a small and easy to use calculator that lives in the Notification Tray. With one click of the mouse you have access to a fully functional calculator along with the history of your calculations.

CalcuTray is extremely smooth to install and easy to get started. Once the application is installed, you can click the CalcuTray icon that appears on the taskbar. The application is launched just above the taskbar. Performing the calculations are pretty simple as well, just type the equations on the textarea and press “enter” or click the “=” button to get the results.

The application is designed in such a way that you can type the entire equation at once which will be then calculated. It performs all the tasks of the Windows calculator, here are some ways you can calculate complex calculations like square root and pi.  Here are all the keyboard shortcuts.

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  •  + – * / ( ) .
  •  Convert decimals to fractions: Ctrl F
  •  Convert fractions to decimals: Ctrl D
  • Square root: Ctrl S
  • Calculate Pi to 28 places: Ctrl P
  • Pi can be used in calculations: e.g ‘pi*2=6.28318530717959’

Storing the History:

The application automatically stores the history. In order to view all the previous calculations, right click on the application icon on the task bar and then choose the option “History”.  Further you can click on the “Copy button” to copy the entire history to the clipboard.

Here are its features:

  • Full history storing possible
  • Always on, instant access
  • Small memory footprint
  • Skins to change its looks
  • Ctrl Alt C quick launch key

Download CalcuTray here.

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