How to Buy and Download EPUB Books using Edge Browser

You can save a considerable amount of time in reading eBooks by letting your browser do it for you. Most browsers support ‘Read aloud’ feature that reads the book for you at a preset speed and in the desired accent. The latest build of Windows 10 – Windows 10 Creators Update too, supports this feature.

Having said that, it is first necessary to purchase these books in the right format. Creators Update includes an eBook section that lets a user browse through it and purchase the desired eBooks. Let’s walk you through the process of purchasing EPUB books from the Windows Store using Edge browser on Windows 10 v1703.

Buy & Download EPUB Books using Edge

To purchase a book of your choice, launch the Edge browser and click the ‘Hub’ icon.

Next, choose the ‘Books’ icon that you can find just adjacent to the ‘Reading list’ icon. Hit the button and you’ll see a ‘Get Books’ button appearing on your computer screen. Hit this button and you’ll be taken to the Windows Store. You can get your books from there.

Buy & Download EPUB Books using Edge

Next, select the ‘Books’ section in the Windows Store and you’ll see all the books categorized into following sections:

  1. Top Books
  2. My Books
  3. New books
  4. Featured Collections

Download EPUB Books using Edge

Select any one section of your interest and proceed further to buy it.

In a moment, you’ll be requested to enter the password your Microsoft account. Enter it and proceed further to make the payment for the book.

Thereafter, pick a payment method. Microsoft account offers 2 methods for making payments,

  1. Paypal
  2. Credit/Debit card

Chose the one you find convenient to use and fill in all the required details.

If all goes well and your payment is accepted, you’ll be able to download the book and start reading it.

Simply Click on the hamburger menu at the top-left corner to make visible the table of contents. If you would like to make changes in the controls, you can manage them easily. For instance, you can change the appearance and feel of the reading interface such as changing the page theme, font size, and text spacing.

Hope this helps!

Now see how to to use make Edge browser read out your eBooks on Windows 10.

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