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BrowserAddonsView, a small freeware to manage browser add-ons on your PC

Many a times, we install add-ons on the browser; either knowingly or unknowingly. Some are useful, while some are not required and increase loading time and even compromise your security. Now, there’s an easy way to manage and get rid of the unwanted browser add-ons. BrowserAddonsView from Nirsoft, is a small freeware which can manage your browser add-ons easily. Let us see you can use BrowserAddonsView and its features.

While you an always manage Browser add ons in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Opera natively, this tool lets you manage all of them from one window.


BrowserAddonsView is a simple tool that displays the details of all Web browser add-ons/plugins installed in your system. Downloading the tool is super-easy as it sizes less than 300kb. It doesn’t require any installation process or even additional DLL files. Simply run the EXE file on your PC and you can start using the BrowserAddonsView immediately.

Once downloaded, double click on its icon and you can see all the add-ons of all the browsers on your PC. From the list, you can select one or more add-on items, and export the add-ons list to multiple formats. You can export these items to text, csv, tab-delimited, xml or html file using the ‘Save Selected Items’ option. If you don’t want to export it, you can even copy the add-ons list to the clipboard (Ctrl+C) and paste it to Excel or any other spreadsheet application.

Features of BrowserAddonsView

Though it’s a small tool, BrowserAddonsView certainly has a lot of good features that makes it user-friendly and efficient. Here are some attractive features of BrowserAddonsView.

BrowserAddonsView works on any version of Windows, which includes Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and even Windows 10. There are two different versions of BrowserAddonsView available for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. One thing to note here, is that when Firefox has more than one profile, the installed plugins will be displayed multiple times (one item for each profile), even if the plugins are linked to the same dll file.

You can download the utility and give it a try at least once. Let us know your take on it.