Browser Password Remover : Delete all Passwords stored in your Web Browsers

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  1. The creator claims it supports Windows 8 but only supports IE 7 -10 BUT if your using IE 10 on Windows 8 it is not supported? so what is a Windows 8 user supposed to do, run a less secure IE 9 on Windows 8?
    How can you support Windows 8 but not IE 10 and up? I mean Windows 8 shipped with IE 11.
    Something doesn’t smell right in Denmark.

  2. Why load another program? What is wrong with just deleting all passwords from the browser’s options?

  3. There you go, my sentiments exactly. That would be the easiest thing to do instead of downloading and running yet another program, and for Windows 8 users this one would be kind of useless, I would not recommend running a less secure browser just to have this program.

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