Restore missing Internet Explorer Tile in Windows 8 Start Screen


  1. Thanks so much! Resetting explorer as default (from firefox) didn’t work, but the command prompt workaround did!

    You are today’s hero.

  2. my people app on start screen is missing after installing skype in store. and then poeple app in my start screen just gone. can i get back my people app?

  3. This does not work if you have uninstalled the IE app. It only works if you unpinned the app from the start screen. 🙁 Anyone no where you can get the IE app again. It is not in the Windows store.

  4. When I launch the command prompt (not as administrator) any command I type is prefixed C:usersmyname> and the ie4uinit,exe line will not run. How do I overcome this? If I do it as an administrator it says that it should be run as a batch file.

  5. That would be nice if IE actually showed up. No one seems to have an answer for what to do it it’s not there.

  6. ok what do I do if nothing you just said is showing up us we lost our owing up in control pannel

  7. sorry slow computer I’m using our IE icon ant showing up on both and there’s no IE in control panel ether

  8. This may be related but, i am trying to get a shortcut a created to stay on the start screen. The shortcut uses IE in kiosk mode to open a webpage. Once i have pinned it to the start menu it stays there and works but as soon as you reboot the machine the icon disappears. Any ideas?

  9. If you accidently unpinned this is great…if you or your kids deleted the Metro app then what you need to do is:
    1. Open File Explorer (looks like a Folder on your desktop next to the windows icon)
    2. Double click to Open your “Local Disk C” Drive?
    3. Double click to Open “Program Files”
    4. Double click to Open “Internet Explorer”
    5. Look for the “Name” = “iexplore” which is a “Type” – “Application?”
    6. You just need to Right Click on this and choose “Pin to Start”

    Should put the pin as the item on the far right side of your start menu now, you can drag it wherever you would like.?

    I hope this is helpful and it works for you!

  10. Hello, i try it but in the apps list i cant find internet explorer
    also when im search -cant find it

    what can i do ?

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