BlogAdda vs Indiblogger: Indian Blogger Communities

Making a blog popular and earning from a blog is easier said than done. A blog has to gain exposure to build a readership and get good revenue. Besides adding persuasive content, well-optimized designs and link strategies, it is important to list your blog in good blog directories. Submitting your blog to the blog directories is a very cost effective and easy way to make connections, build links and gain exposure.

Submitting a blog in blog directories has always been considered as a good way to get recognition in the blogosphere. There are hundreds of blog directories on the web but when we talk Indian blogosphere, Indiblogger and Blogadda are the two most popular names. They are arguably the most popular Indian Blogger Communities.

BlogAdda vs Indiblogger

A blog directory is actually a web directory which lists blogs and helps people sorting them out by interests and topics. There are millions of blogs running all over the web and these web directories help people finding what they are looking for. A bloggers community is all this – and more! It offers a place for bloggers to congregate, share ideas and learn.Both Blogadda and Indiblogger are the advanced Indian blog directories and blogger communities.

Today, I am going to have a look at both these communities and talk about the features of the two of the popular Indian Blogs Directory – BlogAdda and IndiBlogger. Check out the comparison and let us know which is best for you to start with. Here I will cover both of them one by one so let’s start with Blogadda.

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BlogAdda is one of the largest communities of Indian bloggers. It brings a widespread platform for bloggers to showcase their blogs and help them promote it to a larger audience. It helps Indian bloggers to connect with other bloggers thereby building a powerful network.

BlogAdda is a simple website with a perfectly user-friendly interface and design which allows users to create a profile and submit their blogs with just a few clicks. The website keeps the users involved with its awards like Spiciest Blogposts, Notable Newbie Award and picks like Tangy Tuesday and Spicy Saturday. Every Tuesday and Saturday the team selects some blog posts and features them on its home page. Apart from these interesting picks BlogAdda also showcase inspiring interviews and lots of other attention-grabbing content.

Like most of the other blog directories, BlogAdda also runs certain contests to keep the users active there. It recently also concluded a best blogs contest a while back, which received good press. Reminded us of our first-of-its-kind Best Windows Website Contest we had organised a couple of times, some years back.

The home page of the website has a superb design. It displays all its notable sections like recently updated blog posts, editor’s pick, guest blog posts and comment box. But I wish there was a site-wide search bar. To search, one has to click on the search link to visit the Search page. Registration at BlogAdda is simple, but yes they force bloggers to put up their badge on the site for 48 hours, to prove the ownership.

I did not find any way where one could submit one’s blog’s RSS Feed, to share his or her posts.


Indiblogger is also a very popular and active blog directory, featuring Indian bloggers of various niche. Indian as well as non-Indian Bloggers residing abroad, can share their blogs and posts and also vote on others’ posts, write reviews and so on.

The website has a simple home page with many segments and sections. Indiblogger is very popular for its Indiblogger meets and blogging contests sponsored by different groups and the home page slider features these contests. Other segments featured on the homepage include, Indispired posts, recently submitted blog posts, daily activity and Indiblogger meet experiences. The home page also features the Indivine Tab which lets bloggers showcase their posts, stories and content. A very popular feature among bloggers as it lets them actually and directly share their posts.

Next comes the IndiRank Tab which suggests where your blog stands on a scale of 100. It is based on your blog update frequency, mozRank, Alexa inputs and such parameters.

The Directory tab of Indiblogger helps users to search the blogs with keywords, place, name and niche. We have already covered IndiBlogger in brief a while back.

BlogAdda vs Indiblogger

Both these Indian Blogger Communities and blog directories are well known and popular among Indian bloggers and when it comes to comparison there is not much to write about.

As far as homepage is concerned BlogAdda gets a +1 for its design, navigation and categorization. Indiblogger certainly gets a +1 for its offline bloggers meets. The registration process is same in both the directories where users have to wait for an approval from the team. Some bloggers may mind adding the BlogAdda badge in their website to prove ownership, but then again it is mandatory just for 48 hours. Both websites offer contests and prizes, but BlogAdda gets +1 for more contests and interesting awards. If it is sharing of posts that interests you, IndiBlogger is sure to delight you, as IndVine is a great place to share your individual blog posts. It will even showcase the popular blog posts on its home page – unlike BlogAdda which offers only a small box to post your links – text only links, mind you.

BlogAdda doesn’t have any voting system, but if we talk about Indiblogger voting thing, it doesn’t make much sense to me. People vote for a post just for the sake of getting a vote back, without even reading the posts. I can say that because my personal blogs are registered there and I keep getting emails about my blogs getting voted but I hardly get any visits from Indiblogger. The rankings of Indiblogger are based on this votes which may or may not be genuine – although these days, when you click on the Vote button the link does open first forcing you to see the web page you are voting for.

BlogAdda, we feel, needs to give a better exposure to bloggers blog posts. IndiBlogger could well police their IndiRank manually too – at least the top 10 or 20 blogs to ensure that the blog posts quality is good. While most of the ranked blogs were great, we did see one or two in the list who may have got there just because they met the parameters. The quality of their blog posts was sadly wanting.

I found IndiBlogger easier to navigate and find things. I felt a bit lost at the BlogAdda home page initially, as I couldn’t figure out where to start or even find the search bar.

At BlogAdda, the Last post by The Windows Club was shown as February 10, 2014, 8:39 pm,  whereas IndBlogger shows that this site was last Updated on 10/05/2013 at 21:52. Funny, when the fact is posts 2 or 3 times a day! Our RSS at IndiBlogger sure was working fine too, at the time of writing this post. This puzzled us!

Well, this comparison is based purely on my views and opinions. Did I miss out something?

We would surely like to know what you think of each of these, vibrant communities – and

To conclude, I would say that “Comparison is the thief of Joy, so stop comparing and keep using both of them. 🙂

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    LOL? There is a website call “IT Home” in China…..And “What this has to do with IT?” was the highest frequency comment you can see in there!!!!

  7. Hey @shiwangi:disqus great article on top Indian blogging communities. BTW i am the fan of Indiblogger.

  8. Right now i using Indiblogger blogging community.
    This is first time to hear about BlogAdda. I hope this will also good. lets try it…

  9. fashiondivasonline

    @shiwangi:disqus great stuff. Meanwhile I am fan of indoblogger community, and it was perfectly great. I won best tech blogger award ion 2013 from indiblogger. Looking forward for more collaboration with other resources like blogadda and more.

  10. Mandira

    Hi Shiwangi. Do check out Blogmint. It’s similar to these except for is automated and hence transparent between brands and bloggers. Started about a month or two ago i believe. Cheers!

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  20. Madhusudan Somani

    I use both of them.
    But as a need of blogger, BlogAdda gives “do-follow” backlink to submitted post, while indiblogger only gives for the homepage of your blog.

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