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How to block third-party app installations in Windows 10

Microsoft has taken the Windows 10 security and privacy level to a whole new level by implementing a new feature that blocks third party apps from installing on Windows 10 computer. Although previously users needed to use some tweaks and third-party software to prevent other users from installing any software on Windows 10 computer, now such an app blocker is no longer required if you have installed Windows 10 Creators Update. Here is how to block third-party app installations on Windows 10 Creators Update.

Block third-party app installations on Windows 10

Before getting into this, you should know how Application Installation Control feature works. Many times, users try to install third-party software from unknown or untrustworthy sources and end up being a Ransomware victim. To prevent that and some other issues, Microsoft has included this feature. When you enable this function, all the users having access to your computer would not be able to install any app from any third-party sources and instead get an error message. You will be able to install apps only from Windows Store, which is probably the safest place to get apps from.

To enable this feature, head over to Settings > Apps > Apps & features.

On the right-hand side, you can find an option called Installing apps. By default, it should be set to Allow apps from anywhere.

You will see two other options –

Choose Allow apps from the Store only if you want to block all the other software from being installed on your machine by any user.

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If you choose Warn me before installing apps from outside the Store in the settings, every time you go on to install an app from outside the Windows Store, you will see two buttons – Get apps from Store and Install anyway.

In other words, you can install third-party apps, but you need to confirm it before installing. At the same time, if you have chosen Allow apps from the Store only, you will get the following window with a message – Your PC’s settings only let it install verified apps from the Store.

If you click the Open settings link, you will end up opening Apps & features settings in the Settings panel.

For your information, this feature doesn’t work with any portable app. That implies if someone tries to install a software, only then would the error messages pop up.

Do note that you need to enable this feature in every account if you want the same prevention in all the accounts you have on your machine.

This post will show you how to block installation of software in Window 10.