Block or get rid of Instagram ads, sponsored content using Filtergram

Love Instagram? Don’t like too many ads on Instagram? Specially sponsored content? If you are ready to give up your Instagram App, Filtergram can block or get rid of Instagram ads, sponsored content. It is suitable for people who want to see Instagram content, follow a few sets of people, and don’t bother much about the app experience.

Block Instagram ads & sponsored content

Block Instagram ads & sponsored content

Instagram, when it started was fun. Not any more. The company has turned it into a revenue making platform with ads and sponsored contents. Filtergram gets rid of all the features such as stories, advertisements, algorithmic feed, comments, and anything else which allows you to Instagram.

It allows you to follow any Instagram account and see their posts. When you follow an account and open the feed, the above image shows how it will look. You can see the picture, text, and open it in the Instagram website. It offers to reverse chronological feed which only shows post. The only drawback is that you cannot follow any private account from here.


Switch to the following section, enter the Instagram ID, and save it. The accounts will be automatically available in your following list. If you want to filter it further, you can add filter keywords to that account. So your feed will only show those posts which have that keyword.

To save posts to favorites, click to “Add to Filtergram favorites.” All those posts will become available under favorite sections.

Favorites Instagram posts

Filtergram features summary

  • Filter their posts by keyword.
  • Enjoy chronological feed.
  • No comments and ads.

Creating an account on Filtergram is simple. There is no verification or complicate signup process. Just use an email id, and password and get started. As a small warning, you don’t need to use actual Instagram account credentials here. Treat this as a new website where you are signing up for the first time.

So why would you use it? If you want to follow a particular set of people, and see their advice or creativity, it serves the purpose. It is possible to open accounts and post on the Instagram web from here, so you can always use your actual account and interact with them when needed.

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