Bitdefender Total Security Review and Giveaway

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  1. Ron Slaney

    Tweet posted.

  2. Ed

    Posted here :

    BTW, does the license also work for Bitdefender Windows 8 Security?

  3. No, It is only for Bitdefender Total Security 2015.

  4. Pascal Gallais

    TWEET AND FACEBOOK— Gallais Pascal (@GallaisPascal) 14 Août 2014

  5. faulty56

    I won a free license a month ago for BitDefender Internet Security on it really messed up my system boot times went from 22 to 27 seconds to over 3 minutes programs very slow to respond I stuck with it for a couple of weeks no improvement at all I have seen other posts on various forums and tech sites that alot of people have this same problem so I uninstalled and went back to Avast i have had no problems since been using Avast for 3 yrs now and not one single intrusion of any type knock on wood BitDefender is a great antivirus but not for all!!

  6. Owen

    Thanks for giveaway, would love to try the new features.

  7. blu hart

    great powerfull Romanian software..The best on the market

  8. blu hart
    great powerfull Romanian software..The best on the market

  9. gemini132

    great product

  10. Leroy W. Lee

    href=”″>August Tweeted and good luck to all…

  11. GP

    Twitteed. thanks. Hope will win. Best AV in the world. i love it.

  12. Kaushik Medhi

    Many Thanks for this Amazing Giveaway ! BitDefender is an Awesome and the Best Security suite. I wish to WIN one Genuine License. Shared successfully on social networking sites

  13. kovalio

    Very good, famous program to protect computers.

    It would be nice to win the license.

    Thanks a lot for the giveaway.

  14. mieszko

    Thanks for this giveaway! It is very nice of you.

  15. Daniel

    Count me in too for this awesome piece of software 🙂

    Here is my share link

  16. Babbaaa

    Used to work with Bitdefender product since some years. Great AV software, fantastic ressource management. However, UI is totally messed up in my actual 2013 Version. No filtering, small boxes, no automatic copy/paste to clipboard etc.
    So let me win a fresh 2015 copy to prove they solved some of mentioned issues 🙂

    Here´s my … ehm … shortlink:

    Thanks! 🙂

  17. Birendra

    I need this

  18. Rohit Roy

    Sorry for the wrong link shared. This is the real link

  19. Tr?n Quang Th?o

    Here it is.
    Face posted
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    Bài vi?t by Tr?n Quang Th?o.

  20. Silverstar De Angeles

    Thanks a lot, shared it here:

  21. Inger Mykelz

    Thank you for this giveaway. I love the way of entry into the sweepstakes. (oh i so hope i win this, I have a new-ish computer and over the last week been taking a security tutorial and I now realize how very very important security is.

    I shared this article on twitter, google+, and facebook

    TWITTER: (I pinned my post to my profile so that is what I provided the link to)

  22. pratik_vvebu

    Tweeted….looking forward to win this one !

  23. Xi

    The method of the Giveaway is having severe privacy issues/concerns. Let me explain in detail.
    Most people doesn’t want to share the facebook/twitter/google+/…. links here as it includes @facebook mail id. The giveaway also tells that email id has to be visible on the social link shared. This is really weird. If you people are very good in securing readers/users email id in this site[the windowsclub] while commenting, then you shouldn’ve have included these kind of conditions for Giveaway. In future, please do not ask for social share links/email ids to be posted in comments for Giveaways.

  24. shiwangi peswani

    Congratulations to the following 10 winners. You will
    receive the license in the next 2-4 days. Please check your Inbox as well as
    your Junk folder.

    Pascal Gallais
    Sandeep Rathod
    Lindi Luadhi
    Kaushik Medhi
    Don Wickenden
    Carl-Ivar Törnqvist
    Inger Mykelz
    Zack Chiras
    DeForest Ray Sparks.

  25. Kaushik Medhi

    Yay ! Many many Thanks Miss Shiwangi for this Scintillating Result. Great News I WON. Many Thanks for making my Wish come true ! Awesome Contest, Fabulous Giveaway. 😉 (y)

  26. Doom

    Oh My! i cann’t even believe it! right, i hoped but … thinking at my usual “luck” (more RL-related :p) … to be honest i didn’t expect to even happens …
    Thank so much to You all from TWC! 😀

  27. Sandeep Rathod

    Got the key today..Thank you TWC!

  28. License keys to all the 10 winners have been dispatched. Please check your Inbox as well as your Junk folder for the same.

  29. Doom

    received yesterday the key … TY TWC!

    but, i’m not very sure about something … it’s about the normal Total Security version from their (Bitdefender’s) site or about a bit modified, especially for this giveaway, one? which one we’d have to get/download it from a different link/location … i’m asking first, before to install it, to not install somehow the wrong one and to be unable later to register the correct one; and maybe, in worst case, to lose the license itself too after i*d tried it once in the wrong version … 🙁

    also, how much time we have to (install and) register? until when?

    thank you again for your all GREAT giveaways (and not least software reviews!) and in advance for any help/answer/reply with/to those (questions) above!

  30. It is the regular/normal Bitdefender Total Security 2015 version from their site. 🙂

  31. Kaushik Medhi

    Yep ! Many Thanks ! License Received Successfully 🙂

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