Giveaway: Get Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 FREE


  1. Amazing antivirus…great firewall…and cool auto-pilot feature…wat else can i say!!!
    its simply an amazing software!!
    and cool new LOGO…
    go Bitdegender…
    go TWC!!!

  2. I never win anything so I won’t even give it a try.

    But I had “fun” with Panda Cloud Antivirus Safe Search Protection which said: “The page has been blocked as it contains malware or exploits
    The Web page you are trying to access contains malware and exploits that could infect your computer.
    We advise you not to continue visiting this page.”

    Panda don’t like Bitdefender? 🙂

  3. *oh sorry for typo error its “Not only a single feature “ sure that would reconsider me 😉

  4. Well I think I came to the right spot! I just completed the beta campaign for 2012 version and I was quite impressed that such an amazing product is available to be tested for free. Despite its huge foot print (including the installer size as well) my computer was running much faster than before. I did perform a full scan on my drives and I had this particular issue where the scanning speed was horribly slow. But it did catch a few viruses where Avast! free edition was unable to.

    I love Autopilot and Scan Dispatcher. The program itself ran quietly on the background while taking control of my computer and handle the hassle for me.
    But overall I am so impressed with its sexy brand new GUI, everything were designed as what they should be.

  5. Thanks for the BD IS 2012 giveaway.
    I like the new feature “Vitualized Browser” which isolates the browser from the operating system in a Bitdefender-provided environment to block web-based threats.
    Another terrific feature is “Social Network Protection” which filters the links you receive from your Facebook and Twitter friends and monitors your privacy settings

    Here’s my tweet:!/ORKANC/status/97471344131846144

    Please count me in for the giveaway contest.

    Thanks & Regards

  6. I’ll give this a go, count me in for this!
    My tweet :!/egudz

    I have been waiting for Bitdefender 2012 to come out for some time now , I especially like the social networks protection feature as this is becomming more and more needful in antivirus apps.

    I have used Bitdefender before and have always liked it and would like to return to it, especially since I am using Microsoft Security Essentials at the moment and got hit by the “Blue Flare” scareware that it did not vene attempt to stop, just let it right on through! took me over 30 minutes to remove. I think Bitdefender Total Security 2012 will do a much better job of stopping things like that in it’s tracks.

  7. its pretty cool that Bitdefender included Virtualized Browser, which can Isolates the browser from the operating system in a Bitdefender-provided environment to block web-based threats and also Autopilot Provides a hassle-free experience by making optimal security-related decisions without any input from myside,and i also like its social network protection module…….so please count me in! 🙂

  8. Already installed the trial version and thrilled with the Autopilot feature and I am impressed with what they have done with the new version: the sleek interface design and the safebox – online backup and file synchronization. It’s delightful to see these as most useful features for me and still need time to get myself used to other features as well.

    The bottom line is, this one is definitely highly useful for me as I don’t have any other protections for my PC. Thanks for bringing this one!

  9. To test it, you should uninstall the existing suite, install this & comment. If you are winner, it is ok; if not again reinstall the old suite. Is it worth the risk.

  10. I have no chance of winning this as I cannot carry out the requirements to enter but am posting the following as a possible future give-away idea.

    My own security software still has over 8 months to go before it needs renewing so no chance of installing it to trial on my own PC’s but this would be ideal for a friend of mine whose PC I look after and maintain.

    He is ninety four (94) years old and into computers. He is willing to have a go at all things new and has recently started using a Kindle and is over the moon with it.

    But when it comes to using the PC he is a wee bit wary due to all the hype he has read about getting infected. At present I have various freeware programs installed that takes care of his security all of which he is very comfortable with, but this would be an ideal program for him. A one-stop shop for everything security related.

    The only thing wrong is if I remove his existing security software and installed the trial version of Bitdefender onto his PC and then spent the next few days coaching him in its set-up and use, then uninstalled it and once again [re]installed his old software he would become extremely mixed up which is a shame. The cost of it is about one third of his weekly income so buying it is a no-no.

    So Andy here is a possible future idea for a giveaway.
    For those who have (due to age or infirmity) difficulty adapting to this new like this, installing trial versions, then uninstalling it and reverting back to original etc. would it be possible to have a give-away aimed directly at them? I know that this wouldwill be difficult to do but as an idea I thought I would pose it to you

  11. I like the new UI a lot, much better than last years. The detection engine is outstanding.

  12. I already installed bitdefender and i was activelly participating in beta testing.I can say that is the best security suite at the moment.Autopilot function is great and the detection rate is awesome.I recommended to everyone.!/saso_bitola

  13. Hi, I am using this right now. Bitdefender’s GUI is way better, less clutter and straight to the point which is my favorite feature. Nice logo and it’s rated now very highly which is also nice. Thanks for the giveaway and best to all…

  14. The auto-pilot feature is the remarquable new feature of this new release. its very useful and makes things easy for both novice and experimented users.

    Shared on twitter and facebook
    Thanks a lot!

  15. Hi,
    I like the integration of all modern anti-malware tools, including the firewall. Thanks for counting me in.

  16. Autipilot engaged… engine updated… trespassers blocked… ladies&gentlemen Have a Nice Flight!!!


    Please Count me in Dude.
    The most feature that I like from Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 is it’s Virtualized Browser. I think this function is almost just the same as the usual sandboxing software. I like this feature from the new release because I really concern about my privacy, security & freedom when I surf the Internet & doing my online habitual.
    Hope I can Win This Giveaway!

    THX, LJBU!

  18. rescue mode sure is my favourite in bitt 2012 with it we can clean up and restorate windows from a rootkit for example! very nice feature!

  19. Hi Anand,
    Thanks for bringing us the giveaway of new refined version.

    I noticed the following changes from the older version(s):

    1. Low memory usage (on XP-sp3)
    2. Increase in installer size. Too big
    3. No restart required after installation. Something typical, as it should have restarted for

    registering the services.
    4. Scan Dispatcher works good. Usually my resouce usage is quite high so I could test it. This

    same feature is already available in Gdata-which I had review almost a year back. It’s good,

    nice to find it in Bitdefender.
    5. Search Advisor-could be ignored as it increases browsing time. Cannot be really tested,

    until you have like 150 Firefix tabs open like me. Restart firefox (exit) and relaunch it (restoring

    the previous session of 150tabs) to notice the effect (delay).
    6. For Autopilot – I would rather not have it, as I know what is good for my system. I cannot

    allow someone else take decision on my behalf. I hate Norton caz of the same reason, as it

    would’t ask for my permission before deleting certain *medicines* which I use.
    7. Virtualized Browser works good, but I don’t see any reason for having it-bloating the

    installer size. Now both IE & FF have private browsing. Useful but not a required thing.
    8. Installs quite fast compared to older verions or others like Fsecure, Norton, Kaspersky.
    9. Works fine along with MBAM-real-time.
    10. Scan time for exe files was ok.
    11. No idea on Rescue mode – as I don’t have a way to test it. Also don’t want to…touchwood.
    12. Firewall controls are good, able to configure utorrent. No issues for me. I had issues with

    office VPN in older versions, but cannot test now as I don’t have one to test.
    13. Requires .Net framework, which makes me understand the huge size of installer, as it is

    embedded in the installer package.
    14. No significant changes noticed in windows boot/start time
    15. Cool interface, finally they dropped the red interface-which I hated like anything.
    16. The Main interface resembles very closely with Norton Internet
    17. Unable to download the trial without giving them a *fake* email+name….lol

    I would be glad to win it and njoy the new features and improved speed+performance.

    Shared here:!/GrrGrrr/status/100391808781131776

    I’m already an email subscriber.

    Please count me in.


  20. Have there been any winners selected yet ?
    Just curious as this contest is approximately a week past due ?

  21. The winners have been selected randomly provided they:
    1) Shared on atleast 1 social site
    2) Took time to comment about the software
    3) Posted within the time limit of the giveaway viz 7 days
    4) Provided an email ID (Some of you have not unfortunately).

    David J. Weaver
    sushil kumar

    Congrats 🙂 Licenses are being mailed to you. Please add ‘thewindowsclub at hotmail dot com’ to your safe list.

  22. @isocry
    liamsi yoska
    Giveaway: Check out the new @Bitdefender Internet Security Suite, 2012 at – and win a free license!

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