Bing set to be King of search engines…Under the hood, at least?

The most popular search engine is Google. There is no doubt about that. It is so popular that when the Spiderman in “The Amazing Spiderman”, the movie, used Bing in the movie, there was an outcry that Bing was being promoted. In the sequel, Spiderman turned back to Google to avoid controversies. That does not matter however. Bing is gaining popularity slowly.

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1/3 of world’s searches are already powered by Bing, under the hood

If you use Kindle Fire and run a search, you are using Bing without even knowing what search engine it is.  When you ask Siri on iPhone to look up something, it turns to Bing for searching. Do you prefer Yahoo! Search? Again, Bing comes into the picture even without the user’s knowledge. Yahoo! Search employs Bing database to provide you with search results.

The browser address bar has long ago become an omni-bar. You can type a URL there or you can type search terms. And in most cases, you do not know or care what search engine you are using – as long as there are satisfactory search results. Bing has been contacting many browsers (except probably Chrome) to make it the default search engine, when someone goes for a search using the omni bar.

When Cortana was launched an year ago, people started loving to speak to it to find answers. They do not care what powers Cortana. Under the hood, it is Bing and it works just as well. People simply ask Cortana for an answer. Cortana turns to Bing that fetches the search result and tells the users about the possible answers for the question asked.

With Windows 10 releasing in summer, Cortana will be the favorite of many who are not Windows Insiders and are not currently using technical preview of Windows 10 on computers and phones. As the user base of Cortana increases, so will be the base of Bing.

Windows 10 is all set to promote Bing in a different manner. You will agree that firing up a browser and typing or to reach the search engine takes up time. Windows 10 will see a desktop Bing bar that will always be accessible. Even now, the Bing desktop is available for those who wish to use it, but with Windows 10, it will be there permanently. Thus, Windows 10 will give you two options to search:

  1. Use Cortana
  2. Use Bing search bar.

In both cases, it will be Bing. With more than one billion users ready to move to retail Windows 10, Bing may well be the future of search engines – even without the knowledge of the user.  Those who dig into computer settings, may change their search engines back to Google, but most of the users accept what they are given. It will be the same if Bing does not deliver satisfactory results – Users will shift to Google or some other search engine.

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Bing also plans to use some more tactics to lure users. We all have experienced “suggestions” while typing into the search bar. With Windows 10, Bing will provide information as soon as you type in the keywords, even before hitting the Enter key. This information could be about some restaurant’s phone number or it could be the temperature. It might also be some kind of calculation. Imagine a search engine reducing the need for keystrokes. Suggestions and automated results are nothing new. Even Google provides you with results as you type the keywords even before you hit the Enter key. But that is going to change when things appear on the desktop itself. You type in a restaurant’s name and a card flashes showing you its address and phone number even before you hit Enter. That would be real-time search, a step ahead of what it is now. Plus since opening a web browser will not be necessary as you can directly type into the Bing desktop bar while viewing results in form of cards, it would be soon turn out to be the favorite method for many. Yes, and Cortana lovers will always be there to keep Bing on its feet.

Right now, Bing desktop bar opens a browser to show you results and it searches from the web. The changes made to the Bing Desktop bar in Windows 10 will allow you to search the local computer as well as the web. That is another plus point why people may shift towards Bing. In my opinion, Bing could well be the future of search engines with the release of Windows 10 for desktops and phone.

All this will of course on this bottom line: Will Bing Search improve the quality of their search results, in order to deliver relevant results, that satisfy the users needs?

Your thoughts?

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Arun Kumar is a Microsoft MVP alumnus, obsessed with technology, especially the Internet. He deals with the multimedia content needs of training and corporate houses. Follow him on Twitter @PowercutIN


  1. Hadrian Embalsado

    It sure does satisfy mine. Also the trending searches are a plus.

  2. Vinit Pratap

    Bing Always serves with my needs and I find it better than google except in some scenerios due to page rankings.

  3. J. Galt

    IMHO, Bing is the most dangerous, evil and insideous search engine ever created. I avoid using it at all costs. If you want to be on the safe side, you will avoid using it also!

    I was excited about Cortana in Windows 10 until I learned that Cortana will use Bing as its search engine. I’m even beginning to rethink upgrading my PC’s to Windows 10 now…

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