Bing Desktop for Windows 7/8 now offers Facebook integration

Bing Desktop as we know, brings the Bing wallpaper automatically to your desktop and allows you to search on Bing using the search box, from your desktop. In case you don’t like the current wallpaper, you can toggle through past 9 days wallpapers and select one from those. There is a direct download button on the Bing homepage helping users to download the background image.

Bing Desktop Review


It also displays the latest top news, trending images, top videos and the popular news items.


Bing Desktop v1.2.113.0 now also offers the ability to login to Facebook and see Facebook content right from the app. It requires you to approve certain permissions first, however. These include Posting on your behalf, accessing messages in your Inbox, Accessing posts in your feed, Accessing Facebook chat, Accessing your Friends requests and Managing your notifications.


The latest version also allows you to minimize it to your taskbar, toolbar or system tray.


You can also choose a color scheme for it and change the settings to suit your preferences. These include:

  • Click to expand hidden search
  • Launch with Windows
  • Remember search history
  • Enable auto-paste
  • Popup alerts
  • Setting keyboard shortcuts
  • Minimization preferences, and so on.

During installation, towards the end it will offer to make Bing  as default search and MSN as your home page. You may want to decide if you want to uncheck/check these options.


Bing Desktop download

If you are already using Bing Desktop, you may have to wait for the update to be offered to you. But if you wish, you can download it from Microsoft right away. It works on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Uninstall Bing Desktop

If you wish to remove or uninstall Bing Desktop, you can do it via your Control Panel > Programs and Features applet.

Do let  us know if you decide to install the new Bing Desktop. We’d love to hear your feedback.

If you like your wallpapers to surprise you with a new image daily, you might also want to check out this post on RSS fed dynamic themes for Windows and this new pack of Bing wallpapers from Microsoft.

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  1. Okay, the previous version was always popping up with Trending news Stories on your screen and annoying you, now they’ve fixed that bug and added another new, annoying bug, you can’t get it out of the taskbar. You can make it disappear by changing it to minimize in the system tray, but everytime you restart your computer, it shows back up in the task bar. Why can’t they just get something right the first time. The very first original one was never as annoying as the last two releases have been. We DON’T want the big B in the taskbar showing, please fix this stupid issue.

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