10 best USB LED lamps for laptops

The tough part of working with laptops at night, or in a dark room is that the keyboard isn’t exactly visible. Even more, we might not be able to check the touchpad and mouse. Switching ON the tube light might not be feasible in many situations. This is where USB LED lamps custom designed for laptops are of use. They are basically small USB light, which when attached with the USB port of the laptop illuminate the keyboard and surrounding area, thus making work easier.

USB LED lamps for laptops

Here is a compilation of the top 10 LED lamps available online on Amazon:

1] Wirezoll USB LED Lamp:

Wirezoll USB LED Lamp

Wirezoll’s LED lamp has a unique leaf-like design. It has 3 levels of adjustable brightness. The highest brightness level is apt for reading text, while the lowest level is best while working on a laptop in a dark room. This LED lamp is compatible with both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports on your laptop. The product comes with a 30-day “no questions asked refund” guarantee and a 1-year hardware warranty. You can purchase the Wirezoll USB LED Lamp from Amazon here.

2] Sonkoo USB LED Lamp:

Sonkoo USB LED Lamp

While I won’t call it the most durable of USB LED Lamp’s in the market, Sonkoo USB LED Lamp is a pretty well-designed product. The LED’s are placed in a line, in a point-wise order. The LED band is flexible and you can give it a shape as per your needs. Due to the number of LED points in the lamp, it is way more bright than other options available in the market. This Chinese product comes with a 2-year replacement warranty. It is available on Amazon here.

3] BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Task Lamp: BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Task Lamp

The BenQ LED Lamp is one of the most expensive of options in this list, however, it is also the most useful one. This lamp is mounted on the head of the screen of the laptop. The design is adjustable such that the light falls on the keyboard and surrounding area. The lamp saves a lot of space and can dim itself automatically. The structure is asymmetrical, such that the light doesn’t interfere with the laptop’s screen, thus avoiding glare. If you like it, you could check its product page on Amazon here.

4] Sinywon USB LED Lamp:

Sinywon USB LED Lamp

It seems the designers at Sinywon were very careful to make sure the light from their LED lamp doesn’t hurt anyone’s eyes, a concern many have raised. The lamp comes with a lampshade, thus concentrating the light on the keyboard. Its silicone body is quite flexible and helps with checking the keyboard, reading, and as a night lamp. The device can be attached to a laptop, power bank, or USB charger. The lamp could be bought from Amazon here.


USB LED lamps for laptops

Not much different from the Sinywon lamps, the IMISS came in a variety of colors. They are quite durable with little to be damaged in the simple product. It could be used with any 5V USB socket on a laptop, USB charger, or power bank. Check the colorful designs of the lamp at Amazon here.

6] Fabmore USB LED Lamp:

Fabmore USB LED Lamp

Fabmore’s LED Lamp has a snake-like structure, which is apt for those who wish to use the lamp for multiple applications. The direction can be adjusted easily, so can the lamp’s brightness, depending on the application. The Fabmore lamp can be turned 360 degrees (meaning in all directions) and will work with almost any USB port. The product is available on Amazon here.

7] i2 Gear USB LED Lamp:

i2 Gear USB LED Lamp

The i2 Gear USB LED Lamp has an intense design. It uses 2 extra-bright LED bulbs for illumination and the light is to be scattered over a wider area. The gooseneck arm is long and flexible, thus allowing you to twist and turn it as much as needed. The beautiful lamp could be used with any USB 2.0 or 3.0 port. For more details, please check its Amazon page here.

8] X-Dragon USB LED Lamp:

X-Dragon USB LED Lamp

The X-Dragon USB LED Lamp is available in 5 bright colors. It has a flexible silicone body and can be connected to any 5V USB port. The device has a lampshade to avoid direct light to your eyes. The product has a life of 10,000 working hours and could be purchased from Amazon.

9] Ebyphan USB LED Lamp:

Ebyphan USB LED Lamp

The company claims that Ebyphan USB LED lamps are made of environment-friendly material. It is available in 8 colors. The flexible LED lamp can be connected to any USB port and twisted in the direction you need. Users who reviewed the LED Lamp mention that it’s durable. If you find the device worth it, check its page on Amazon here.

10] DaVoice USB LED Lamp:

DaVoice USB LED Lamp

The first impression for those who check the USB LED Lamp would be that it’s expensive, however, considering the fact that it has a life of 40,000 hours, it isn’t. Like most of its rivals, the DaVoice USB LED Lamp is another flexible lamp that could be connected to your laptop’s USB port, just that it is extra durable. The company assures a 1-year long replacement warranty. You can buy it from Amazon.

Have you tried and tested any other similar USB LED Lamp that we missed in this list? Please let us know in the comments.

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