List of 5 best UPS battery backup units you can buy

Battery Backups or UPS are an essential part of your computing setup, to avoid data loss due to power outages. But with numerous companies bringing out a variety of options into the market, it is becoming all the more difficult to choose one for your home. A good battery backup should have the minimum level of the battery to be able to save your data and give you enough time to switch it off.

Best UPS battery backup units

Here we look at the top 5 best UPS that you can buy for your Windows machine. Let’s check them out.

1. CyberPower CP1500 UPS

Best UPS battery backup units

This is one of the most popular options out there. The CP1500 has a 900W capacity and is highly rated for using with gaming and other high-end computers. The huge capacity helps in getting a good 1-2 hour running time even if the power goes out. This UPS also has a mini LCD screen that displays vital information like output, battery level, load and all. Price: $140.



If you are looking for an affordable option to protect your data, the APC BE350G is a good option that you could consider. Offering a capacity of just 200 watts, this UPS is suitable for when you need those extra 5 minutes to just save all your data and quickly shut down the computer when the power goes out. It has a brilliant energy saving rating and offers you a three-year warranty to safeguard your gadgets. Price: $35.

3. CyberPower CP350SLG UPS


This is yet another affordable UPS in the sub-$50 price range, which offers the minimum power required for saving your files in time of a power outage. Also, it safeguards electronics from commonly occurring power surges caused by storms, activity on the power grid, or high-powered equipment turning on and off. This UPS is also recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as one of the most energy efficient battery backup units available. Price: $35.

4. Tripp Lite 1500VA UPS

UPS battery backup units

Tripp Lite is another brand that is highly trusted when it comes to UPS or battery backups. Their 1500VA model is a high-end one but worth the money if you have a primary desktop that requires you to run it most of the day. This UPS is quite compact and has a similar LCD screen as on the CyberPower CP1500.

This UPS system will support an energy-efficient desktop computer and LCD monitor (75 W load) for up to 55 minutes during an outage. At half-load (405 W), this UPS will provide run-time for up to 7.5 minutes. Price: $131.

5. Panamax MB1000 UPS


The Panamax series of UPS units are mostly targeted towards enterprise customers but can also be used in home offices and other such setups. The MB1000 is one of their lowest-priced offerings and comes with an Output Capacity of 1000VA 600W at 0.6pf. It also prevents critical equipment from losing setup configuration, stored data, and hard-disk crashes. Shuts off projection equipment via IR control to allow the projector bulbs to go through a proper cool-down cycle before shutting off. Price: $450.

Which one do you use?

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