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10 best Themes for Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is one of the most used web browser and nowadays it offers a variety of customizations. You can completely customize the looks and feel of your browser to match your taste. In this post, we bring out some of the best Chrome themes according to us. Looks are subjective, so you may love some of them or dislike a few of them, but for sure by the end of the post, you would have gone through some really beautiful Chrome themes.

Themes for Google Chrome browser

1. Blue/Green Cubes

A minimal theme with pattern design consisting of blue and green oriented cubes. If you are a big fan of minimalistic pattern themes then you are going to love this theme.

2. Batman Design

For all the Batman fans out there. You need to check out this material design inspired batman background theme. It offers a beautiful background and a dark greenish tone to match other elements of the browser like the Tabs bar.

3. Black carbon + silver metal

Again a minimalist theme, with a black overall theme and a beautiful metallic pattern on the tabs bar and address bar. It is a completely minimalistic theme with great elements.

4. Doink

Doink is a great theme with floral design on the background and a flowers pattern around the tabs. The design is compelling to eyes and the color combinations used are amazing. The light colors work best in well-lit rooms and offices, so you can use this theme on your office computer or at the place of your work.

5. Polytheme

A minimalist theme with polygons all around in purple color. If the purple color really interests you then this is the theme you must have right there on your browser. The theme offers a great variety of shades of purple color.

6. Carla Zampatti

If you do not know then, Carla Zampatti is the most influential fashion designer from Australia. The theme features black and white alternating strips running across the screen in an abstract pattern. The theme is really fashionable and has a great sense of design.

7. Citrus_Cranes

A beautiful theme colored in orange with lime green and khaki paper cranes in the background. The paper cranes also appear in the toolbars in an alternating pattern of green and orange color. Citrus_Cranes is a great theme with amazing color combinations.

8. Google Now theme

Inspired from the Google Now Launcher, this theme comes with the similar background as of Google Now, and it colors the toolbars in solid gray. The background is crisp and crystal clear with a wide variety of colors on the screen.

9. Grass

A completely green theme for nature lovers. The theme comes with a great grass background and green color in the toolbar to match the grassy background.

10. Colors

The most colorful theme of this lot. This theme features colorful splashes in the background which are completely stunning and looks amazing on Google Chrome.

So that was our list of the best themes for Google Chrome. This list does not include themes which have backgrounds associated with a place, game or a particular thing. The list is made keeping in mind that themes may interest a wider audience.

You can always look for more themes in Chrome Web Store.