Best Tempered Glass PC cases to protect your Windows computer

A computer case is the premier arena of any system that contains the essential components of a computer. Basically, the computer cases are built using steel, glass, wood or aluminum. Nowadays PC manufacturers are opting for stylish cases fitted with LED illumination, sci-fi curves and so on to yield an aesthetic appeal. However among the latest trend nowadays is the tempered glass PC cases. While the earlier cases appeared fine, it is more vulnerable to micro scratches which is ineradicable.

Best Tempered Glass PC cases

Tempered glass is almost four times stronger than the annealed glass and is popularly known as the safety glass. Thanks, to the rigorous thermal process that it is passed through which makes it heat resistant than ordinary glass adding additional permanence.  The advantages offered by the tempered glass are numerous but the most important feature, in this case, is how efficiently it offers noise isolation. Tempered glass is definitely a good conducive to noise isolation as compared to aluminum panels. If you are an occasional gamer, what you will be more concerned about is the airflow cooling potential and temperature of the motherboard. Tempered glass is a better choice in all the cases along with offering visual enhancement and protection. It provides a good balance between cost and aesthetic value. We bring you some of the best-tempered glass PC cases that you should consider while buying a new desktop case.

Phanteks PH-ES217E_AG EVOLV Dual Tempered Glass Case

Best Tempered Glass PC cases


Phanteks PH-ES217E comes with the full metal body with Anodized aluminum panels. It is made up of tempered glass panel on both the sides.The installation is quite easy, thanks to its 360 degrees accessibility. If you are an occasional gamer, then air cooling is of the great significance. Phanteks PH-ES217 comes with 120/140 AIO water cooling ability.The built quality is excellent with the modern design that has edge corners. The main I/O is easily accessible. The case also comes with fully equipped dust filters and integrated RGB illumination. Check it out here.

Cooler Master MCZ-C5M2T-RW5N case with FreeForm Modular System & Tempered Glass Side Panels

MCZ-c5M2T-RW5N is the 5t ATX case from MasterCase.The LED strips and metallic red highlights give the case sturdy and assertive appeal. The case has two tempered glass panels at the sides. One thing that’s unique about this case is that it features freeform modular system wherein the user can easily customize the case and easily upgrade with additional accessories. It features Iconic carrying handle for easy transportation The case also comes with six fans and four led controls that provides superb air flow. Check it out here.

NZXT S340 Mid Tower Computer Case

NZXT is yet another case which you should be considering that comes with amazing design and cooling mechanism.The case features exclusive compact designs that provide a way for super easy cable management. The case comes with seven expansion slots and provides substantial ventilation. The case design is fully compatible with Kraken series X31 and X61 liquid coolers. Check it out here.

Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX computer Case- Tempered Glass Edition

Enthoo Evolv ATX comes with Aluminium body and tempered glass on both the sides. It features RGB LED lights with various illumination effects. It has an excellent cooling potential with direct airflow to the GPU/CPU. The case has no conflicts between radiator and memory and features offset radiator bracket. The  Phantom cases are extremely appreciated for their superb quality, and this is a top rated tempered glass case if you wish to have both quality and affordability based pricing. Check it out here.

Rosewill Cullinan ATX Mid Tower case with tempered glass panels

Cullinan ATX mid-tower case is built with tempered glass and is a perfect computer gaming case. The case is designed for the optimized ventilation with four pre-installed fans providing excellent airflow.If you are a gamer, then the case has provision for installing up to 180mm high CPU cooler making it as an excellent ATX gaming case. The 5mm tempered glass all around and quite operated fans provides a quiet operation for the system. The case comes with transparent windows that let gamers view the gaming desktop and permits the leaking light of the internal components. Check it out here.

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