The Best of Steve Ballmer … On video!

When Steve Ballmer officially retires as Microsoft CEO, he’ll go down in history as one of the craziest, badass head honcho ever seen. You need guts equal the size of Jupiter to scream from the top of your lungs and dance and jump up in joy on a stage in front of thousands at a very important tech conference. That’s Steve Ballmer for you!

This is the part I love about Steve. He never fails in expressing his dedication and passion for the company and its work. Be it tearing his lungs apart shouting how much he loves the company or promoting Windows XP in a video ad in an animated manner, Steve is one of a kind. He’s uniqueand these video clips prove the same.

Steve Ballmer selling Windows 1.0

Windows in the early beginning was termed as a revolution. Watch Steve Ballmer explain why you should spend $99 and get Windows 1.0 which has a ‘clock’, a ‘calendar’ and more, in his trademark animated style.

Steve Ballmer selling Windows XP

Steve continues his characteristic style of over-the-top actions in this promo ad for Windows XP, which at its time, was the biggest and baddest of all with so many new features and a clean user interface.

Steve Ballmer’s Dance

Trust Steve to open his important speech with a jubilant jump up-and-down show and then retreat to the mic to catch his breath and shout from the top of his voice “I LOVE THIS COMPANY”.

Developers Developers Chant

This is definitely one of the highlights from his various stints at the podium. While underlining the importance of developers in the community, Steve Ballmer was found repeatedly shouting “Developers Developers Developers ……” to a crowd of thousands of curious attendees and tech enthusiasts till he found his breath back. Classic Steve, this video went viral.

Steve Ballmer talks about his own crazy behavior

Here’s the genius himself speaking about his crazy behavior. I don’t know about others but I’ll remember Steve for long – for having the confidence to not just shout from the top of his voice but also head many important changes when at Microsoft (many of which were criticized later on though).

Good luck, Sir! We’ll miss you.

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