Best free Online Form Builder tools for collecting information

Online Forms and survey apps play a crucial role in data gathering and help you collect insights on what your customer thinks about your product. They are the go-to way of gathering information and attain a valuable opinion from customers. They are used as a part of the psychology research that involves engaging your audience to take online surveys in order to get access to opinions, thoughts, and feelings of the survey takers.

Free Online Form Builders

Online forms and surveys are used everywhere nowadays to get software feedback, service feedback, sign-up free trials, record event registrations, and they also play a significant role in conducting market research. Creating an online survey form is easy. All thanks to the survey apps that are available on the market that allows you to create unlimited forms and super surveys. Some of the online survey apps are free. Meanwhile, the paid version comes with bonus capabilities. If you are looking out to build online forms and super surveys for your clients, you are in the right place.

  1. Google Forms
  2. Cognito Forms
  3. SoGoSurvey
  4. Survey Monkey
  5. Zoho Survey
  6. Typeform

Online survey tools are easy to use and help you create an awesome form in a few clicks. In this article, we round up some of the best free online survey tools that help you craft an online survey for your valuable clients. Most of their free plans offer a limited number of questions for a limited number of surveys every month, so do go through the details on their site carefully.

1] Google Forms

Google Forms is a popular form builder tool that helps to create a unique form, gather information, and organize them for free. Google Forms is an excellent tool for your upcoming campaigning, feedbacks, generating a quick poll, and much more. It allows you to use your logo, photo, and curated themes to create your own unique survey with style. It also lets you collaborate with your team to build the form. Google Form generates a responsive form which allows you to edit and respond to forms on any device. It creates real-time charts based on the responses to your survey and allows you to view the data in Google Sheets. Get this form builder here.

2] Cognito Forms

Cognito Forms is an easy to use survey form builder that helps you to create unlimited forms for free. It is a powerful tool to create a feedback form, registration form, signup trials, contact form, and much more. With the help of this tool, you can easily customize your style and embed forms directly to your website.

Cognito Forms enables you to manage the workflow and view the entries from any device. It embeds calculations and conditional logic to create a responsive form. It gives you the power to update entries, integrates data to the external apps like Microsoft Flow, and creates a customized PDF document. Try this builder here.

3] SoGoSurvey

Online Form Builder

SoGoSurvey is a free online survey tool which can be used by anyone to quickly create a survey form. This robust online survey maker helps to engage the customer and measure customer satisfaction. This is easy to use a survey tool to create a recruitment form, feedback form, contact form, and much more. The responses are tracked and delivered in real-time. It provides a secured survey and full access to all the feature at all times. Get this builder here.

4] Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a versatile platform that helps to create a unique form, gather information, and organize them for free. It is useful for your next campaigning, feedbacks, generating a swift survey poll and much more. It is one such solution that helps you to win customers, build a stronger workforce, and delight customers through feedback. The basic plan is free of cost, which enables you to win more business through unlimited surveys plus offers an additional ten questions per survey as a bonus tip. Get this form builder here.

5]  Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is a useful form builder utility to create your very own survey form in few minutes. It features skip logic, pipping, and offers 25 question types to craft your perfect survey. Zoho Survey enables you to customize the themes and style. The surveys can be instantly shared over social media and ensure total security of your data. Zoho Survey generates a responsive form which allows you to edit and respond to forms on any device. Additionally, It creates real-time graphics charts based on the responses to your survey and aids to make an informed decision based on the response trends. Get this form builder here.

6] Typeform

Typeform is a useful medium that helps to know your clients better through surveys forms. The utility helps to create your quizzes, forms, surveys, signup trials, shopping carts, polls, and much more. Typeform helps to build a friendly survey form to invite more answers from the customer and helps to grow your business. The basic plan is free of cost, which provides 100 responses per month with an additional of 10 questions per Typeform. Get this form builder here.

Which is your favourite Form builder? Write to us in the comments below.

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