Best laptops for Video and Photo editing


  1. For just personal videos, most modern consumer laptops sporting at least 15″ screens can accommodate just about any NLE software, from freebies like “Lightworks” up to Sony Vegas, FCP, et al, and there are those as you mention for use re hi-res raw from recorders. For production-grade mobiles, I kind of like GoBoxx MXL series laptops, but they’re not in everyone’s price range, starting $4K-$5K USD (Dell Precision line has been pretty good too).

  2. I have the current HP Envy Touchsmart 15. It has the worst keyboard i have ever used on a laptop. The 17 inch version has the same issue. And the fan is real loud. Other than that? it’s fine.

  3. I wish revewers would stop touting the Lenovo Y50 (FHD and UHD) because the there is a known issue with the yellow (think brown mustard, not dandelion) that Lenovo has yet to address. Based on all the forums, Lenovo doesn’t seem to have any intention of doing so anytime soon.

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