10 best Laptop Locks available online on Amazon

Laptops are one of the most stolen of products. This has reasons – they are expensive, average sized (can be sneaked rather easily), and usually do not carry any traceable identity like phone, thus making it easy to sell them in the market without verification.

Best Laptop Locks

Most of the home-use laptops do not have any security mechanism other than password logins of course. As for business and company-managed laptops, they use BitLocker encryption, but the laptop’s parts could still be of use for thieves.

Perhaps, the only feasible method to protect your laptops is to use physical laptop locks. Here’s a list of the best laptop locks available in the market:

1] Kensington 64068F MicroSaver Keyed Laptop Lock: Best Laptop LocksKensington leads as the brand among laptop lock manufacturers. The 64068F lock could be connected to the security slots of most laptops monitors and other devices. The cable uses the traditional lock cable design, tested and known for strength. This lock doesn’t work with newer Dell laptops since they have a different security system. This is one of the best products on the list and comes with an 8-year replacement warranty. You could buy the lock from Amazon here.

2] Kensington N17 Dell Cable Lock K64442WW:  Kensington N17 Dell Cable Lock K64442WWThe Kensington N17 Dell Cable Lock is the ideal lock for newer Dell and Alienware laptops which have Noble wedge lock slots. It’s a 4-wheel combination lock with 10,000 combinations, making it almost impossible for an intruder to unravel the code. The wire is made up of carbon and steel, which makes it flexible, yet strong. The product is probably the only branded lock which works with Dell system and if you want to purchase it, check its Amazon page here.

3] RUBAN Notebook Lock and Security Cable: RUBAN Notebook Lock and Security CableThe RUBAN laptop lock is one of those traditional key-keyhole locks. It comes with 2 keys just in case you need a spare. The best part is that it has a 6.2 feet long wire, which is more than sufficient in length. The product’s T-Bar lock mechanism makes it compatible with almost any laptop and tablet. The lock is available on Amazon here.

4] Kensington Portable Combination Cable Lock K64670AM: Kensington Portable Combination Cable Lock K64670AMThe Kensington K64670AM lock is a combination lock which works well with all laptops except for the newer Dell ones. It allows up to 10,000 combinations and has a long cable. The lock is resistant to tampering and the carbon-steel material gives the cable extra strength. This product uses the Noble Lock slot which is the most common locking system in laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. You could purchase the lock from Amazon here.

5] FOLAI Laptop Cable Lock: FOLAI Laptop Cable LockThe Folai Laptop Cable Lock uses a galvanized steel lock and a 6-feet long self-coiling cable. The cable’s self-loop design helps it stay in coil even when the cable is not bound. The product uses the traditional key type lock, though uses have rated it as very secure and very reliable. The lock can be bought from Amazon.

6] AboveTEK Universal Tablet/Laptop Lock: AboveTEK Universal Tablet/Laptop LockWhile the AboveTEK Universal Tablet/Laptop Lock is expensive, every penny is worth it. The key-type lock comes with a 6-feet long cable and a 3M adhesive base, which can glue itself (temporarily) to any flat surface. This lock works well with most laptops and tablets. It comes with a spare adhesive sticker and another flat plate to use as a support for larger surfaces. If you like it, you could check its page on Amazon here.

7] FOLAI Laptop Combination Lock: FOLAI Laptop Combination LockThe interesting thing about FOLAI’s Laptop Lock is that it received a 5-star rating by all users who reviewed the product on Amazon till date. The lock works well with almost all laptops and tablets. It is tough and reliable. The combination lock serves up to 10,000 combination which makes it very difficult for thieves to crack the code. If you like it, you could consider buying it on Amazon.

8] Targus DEFCON Laptop Cable Lock PA410U: Targus DEFCON Laptop Cable Lock PA410UOne of the toughest locks in this list, Targus DEFCON Laptop Cable Lock PA410U has received fairly good reviews on Amazon. The cable is made of galvanized steel and the combination lock can connect to any T-Bar lock-slot. Attempting to break the lock might rip the device itself, thus deterring thieves from stealing your device. This product is available on Amazon.

9] Sendt Laptop Combination Lock: Sendt Laptop Combination LockThe Sendt Laptop Combination Lock is comparatively softer than its counterparts, and has a 6 feet cable. The lock works on a combination system. One reason I would recommend this lock is that it stays soft on your fragile devices. This lock is made from Kensington security slots, thus it works with a limited number of devices. The Sendt lock is available on Amazon here.

10] DiKaou Laptop Lock and Locking Cable: DiKaou Laptop Lock and Locking CableThe black-colored DiKaou Laptop Lock and Locking Cable is a multi-purpose locking system that can work with both newer Dell and Alienware laptops as well as other devices. The only device this system doesn’t support is a MacBook Air. This lock is durable and has positive ratings on Amazon.

Have you used any other lock that we possibly missed from this list? If yes, please let us know in the comments.

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