Best job search engines to find job online in US, UK, India, etc.

Nowadays thousands of companies are hiring people from various online job search engines. If you are an internet user and you are looking for a job, you can check out these job search engines that may help you find a job online. They can offer you a part-time job or a full-time job which is suitable for you.

Best job search engine sites

We will take a look at the following job sites:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Google Jobs
  3. Glassdoor
  4. Dice
  5. SimplyHired
  6. Indeed

1] LinkedIn

Best job search engines to find job online

Although there are so many online job portals, LinkedIn is probably the best place where you can find hundreds of new job opportunities every day. From digital marketing to programming to anything else, you can see every kind of job on this website. LinkedIn has a dedicated “Jobs” page, where you can find all the jobs as per your background. Having a premium account is an advantage, but you can search for jobs even if you have a free LinkedIn account. You can search for a job by location, category, company, salary and so on. However, you should have a pretty strong LinkedIn profile to get a job.

2] Google Jobs

Best job search engines to find job online

Google, the web giant, has a job portal that you can use to find a suitable job for you. It doesn’t matter if you live in USA, UK, India, or anywhere else, you can find jobs based on your educational qualification and experience. Although they do not have a dedicated website for this job portal, you can use the Google search to find a job online. The best thing is if you allow Google to track your location, you will get jobs near your current location. As Google automatically scrapes job postings from various websites, you will get some best and profitable job information from this tool. As usual, you can search for a job by category, location, work time, and so on. You have to search for a job with the proper keyword. For example, if you are looking for a sales related job, you can search “sales job” and so on. The only problem with this tool is you won’t get an option to apply for the job directly. You need to go to that particular website and apply for the job.

3] Glassdoor

If you know about a company, that is fine. However, if you are looking for a job online, chances are you might not know anything about the company. In that case, you should research first and then apply for the job. If you use Glassdoor, you won’t have to do that separately since you can find reviews on the same page so that you can know if a company is fake or legit to work. Users can give them a rating and write a review. Talking about finding a job, you can search by category, job type, location, salary, and more others. As this is a dedicated job portal, you need to create an account to apply for a job.

4] Dice

If you are a tech-savvy person and you want to make your career in the tech world, you can use Dice, which specializes in finding tech-related jobs. They can offer jobs like – network engineer, software developer, system administrator, business analyst, full stack developer, software engineer, etc. It is possible to find a full-time job, part-time job, contract job, and more. The important thing is you can find a job by the company as well as location. As this site is mainly for US folks, you can find almost all locations of USA. Just head over to the official website and search for the job you want.

5] SimplyHired

SImplyHired is a very basic website, where you can find essential job postings based on the type of job, location, salary, distance from your desired location, and more others. Like Dice, SimplyHired works excellent in the US. The best thing about this tool is you can enter a ZIP code to find a job, which is unavailable in most of the other job search engines mentioned above. To find a job on this website, you have to enter a job title and city/state/ZIP code. Following that, you can explore various postings, check their requirements, and apply for a job if you want. The website looks pretty neat and clean. You should not have any problem exploring this site.

6] Indeed

Here too, you can search for a job by location, distance from your home, estimate salary, job type, company and experience level. For example, you have a two years old editorial and technical writing experience, and you want to look for a job in New York. Therefore, you can set all the filters like that to get a perfect company. Like Glassdoor, Indeed has a section where you can find company reviews. Therefore, it would be quite easy for you to find if a company is legit or fraud. You can apply for the job right from this website. However, you need an account to do that.

If you are a US citizen and you want to find a government job, you can check out as well. If you want another kind of work, you can visit,, etc.

These are some of the reliable websites, where you can find tons of new job opportunities every day.

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