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Best Internal Hard Disk Drives for your Windows computer

Despite the surge in demand for Cloud storage and Solid State Drives, HDDs or Hard Disk Drives are still pretty much in fashion. This is because of many reasons like reliability and affordability. You can use multiple hard drives to store the increased amount of data.

Best Internal Hard Disk Drives

Finding an internal HDD to expand your PC’s storage or build a machine is quite a strenuous process simply because of the wide variety of options available in the market. Here is a list of the top 5 internal hard drives to help you pick one for your computer.

1. WD Blue 1TB SATA

If you are looking for an affordable and basic internal HDD, you can’t go wrong with the WD Blue 1TB. Designed to suck in the least power, this hard drive can be a good option if you are looking to build a budget rig for your work purposes. It comes with features like InteliSeek – which helps in smart power consumption – and Data Lifeguard – for keeping your drive’s health at an optimum level. It currently retails at around $50 and is the cheapest 1TB drive you can find. Approximate price: $50.

2. Seagate Surveillance 2TB

If you are looking to expand the storage on your NAS hub or server, the Seagate Surveillance is a great and cost-effective option to consider. It is built to work on enterprise systems and is compatible with up to 8TB support systems that have 8+ drives and 64 cameras per drive. Rather than performance, these NAS-specific drives focus on reliability and the ability to perform in a 24/7 environment and thus they are only bought in multiple quantities. Approximate price: $84.

3. HGST Travelstar 7K1000

If you are looking for an HDD for your laptop, the HGST Travelstar 7K1000 is a great option. While it isn’t quite speedy as the SSDs out there but if you are looking for a cheap 1TB storage disk, this is the one you should consider. It has 8MB of cache and two 500GB disks working together to provide a better transfer speed. The only downfall on this HDD is that it has a 9.5mm width, which isn’t usually compatible with most laptops out there. Approximate price: $55.

4. Seagate ST4000DX001

If you are looking for a hard drive that is good for PC gaming, the Seagate ST4000DX001 has features that suit your specific requirement. For instance, this drive is a hybrid – offering SSD-esque performance and speed at the price of an HDD. It comes in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB storage options and also has a fast 7200RPM. Seagate offers a no-questions-asked 5-year warranty, which is huge for its longevity. On top of that, Seagate boldly claims that the drive performs five times faster than other 7200RPM HDDs and improves overall responsiveness by nearly a third. Approximate price: $150.

5. Samsung Spinpoint M9T

If you are looking to game on a laptop, the Samsung Spinpoint M9T should be your pick, as far as HDDs are concerned. This popular disk drive has been around for a while and has achieved the mighty feat of cramming 2TB of storage into that sleek 9.5mm width. It also has a decent 32MB of cache, three platters, and spins at 5400RPM, but the density ensures the speeds are on par with 7200RPM drives. Approximate price: $105.

Let us know if you have any recommendations.

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