Best In-Ear Earphones: Our Pick of Best Earbuds 2018

There are countless in-ear wired and non-wired type of earphones out in the market. Increasingly popular, in-ear earphones are also known as IEM which stands for the in-ear monitor. This formation fits in your ear canal, blocking outside noise while blowing the music directly into your ears.

The headphone jack may be on the verge of becoming obsolete, but earphones are still the useful thing which doesn’t mess your hair and can be carried in your pocket easily. If you are an audio aficionado, chances are higher that you are not happy with your phone’s bundled earphones. So, if you already have a brief idea what are you looking for and the amount of money you want to spend, then check out this more specific round-up of the best in-ear earphones.

Best In-Ear Earphones for every Budget 2018

1. Bose SoundTrue Ultra In-Ear Wired Headphones

Best In-Ear Earphones

Bose SoundTrue Ultra is arguably one of the most comfortable headphones that deliver equally clean and well-balanced sound quality. The earphone sits securely in your ears and integrated remote works good for making phone calls etc. The bass may be on a little on the lower side for those who crave for extra thump, but overall punchy enough to kickstart your workout session.

If you are looking for clean sounding, comfortable, and in-ear noise isolating earphones that don’t break your bank, then Bose SoundTrue Ultra should be on your list. Check it out here.

2. 1More Triple Driver – Best In-Ear Earphones

Best In-Ear Earphones

There are tons of affordable earbuds that sound great, but 1More Triple Driver stands out of the bunch. The angles earbuds design offers an excellent fit and ensures noise isolation. Sound quality is where it sets the benchmark just right. It provides a balanced but slightly warm exquisitely sound signature. Bass is good too with significant impacts.

These in-ear headphones from 1More offer a stellar audio experience, excellent build quality, and an attractive design without burning a hole in your pocket. For $100, it is difficult to find all of these qualities in one place. Go here to buy it.

3. Sony WF-1000X In-Ear Wireless Headphones

Best In-Ear Earphones

Sony’s WF-1000X is the answer to Apple’s AirPods. It is an entirely wireless headphone that comes with a charging case and variety of ear tips to ensure a tight seal. Each bud weighs 9 grams which makes them pretty lightweight. Battery life, however, isn’t great as you’d expect from a wireless earphone but manages to give you around 3-4 hours of juice on a single charge.

Sony has rarely struggled in tonal balance, audio, and excels in WF-1000X as well. However, not being water resistant, you’d be taking chances using them during the workout session. If you are looking for truly wireless earphones with impressive audio and noise-canceling, there’s no going back from here. Check it out here.

4. Bose SoundSport In-Ear Wireless Earphones

Best In-Ear Earphones

If you can handle a little high price, then Bose SoundSport is the best wireless earphone option you can opt for right now. They are quite lightweight and designed to be sweat and water resistant, that’a what makes them one of the best choices for fitness enthusiasts. They come in a thoughtfully designed charging case and give you around five hours of uninterrupted use on a single charge.

Easy to use, easy to pair, strong audio performance with a boosted bass response and the most simplified design make it top in the true wireless category so far. Undoubtedly an expensive choice at $250 but design nails it; comfort and the sound quality makes it the best workout earbuds on the market. Click here for more.

5. Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Wired Headphones

Best In-Ear Earphones

These are the affordable pair of earphones that look slick and deliver audio with strong bass and excellent vocal clarity. It does come with an L-shaped audio jack and sturdy carrying case. There’s a set of inline control that works fine with both iOS and Android devices. Sennheiser Momentum in-ear headphone has a lot to offer at $99 which makes it an appealing choice at its reasonably modest price. Know more here.

6. RHA S550 Universal

Best In-Ear Earphones

While plenty of Bluetooth earphones sweeps the market, there are still many reasons to go with RHA S550U wired earphone. It features aluminum construction with a durable nicely braided nylon cable. The mic and single button remote works just fine with both Android and iOS devices. However, it is sad to see that RHA couldn’t include volume controls and playback button, but it is not a deal breaker thing by any means.

The fit is nice and comfortable; bass features good extensions and great impacts. If sturdy design along with excellent sound quality is something you seek, it is hard to think of a better value than RHA S550U.

7. Focal Sphear In-Ear Wired Earphones

Best In-Ear Earphones

Focal is a French company and being first in-ear headphone from the company, Focal Sphear nails it. They sound great with all sort of music genres while offering an exciting beat that will make your feet tap with the music. These headphones are designed specifically keeping Apple devices in mind, so don’t be surprised if you aren’t able to regulate volume using controls.

Focal Sphear might not be the best-looking earphone, or that has premium build quality but for people looking comfort along with the feet tapping audio experience, the Sphear checks all the boxes. Go here to get it.

8. BeatsX Headphone – Best In-Ear Earphones

Best In-Ear Earphones

The BeatsX Bluetooth earphones are a solid pair of in-ear headphones that sports a neckband. The neckband is super flexible and lightweight, therefore pretty much can be carried around and fits into your pockets as well. However, the standard in-ear design might not fit everyone, but the different sized ear tips help you find a better fit. Also, the battery life is remarkable; they deliver 6.5 hours of continuous playtime and gets charge in 40-45 minutes

The BeatsX sounds excellent with consistent bass and midrange reproduction. It is a well-rounded earphone that you can use on the go and for the light workout as well. They might not have the supreme comfort, but highest clarity and smart iOS integration make it up. Check it out here.

Whether you are looking for wired or non-wired earphones, we have picked up the best in-ear earphones options in every category. If we have missed out on any potential entry in the list, please comment below and let us know to make it better.

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