Best Gmail Plugins you need to use today

Gmail is one of the popular email services. Do you think you are making the best use of your Gmail? Making use of the default features does not solve some of our problems. There are much useful Plugins that needs to be added to your Gmail to improve your email productivity. In this post I will talk about some of the best Gmail plugins that will enrich your Gmail experience.

Best Gmail Plugins

If you want to schedule an email, how will you do it? If you are just using the default features of Gmail, this is impossible. But, there is a plugin which does this job for you. There are some more useful plugins which do help us and we will take a look at them.

1. Rapportive

Best Gmail Plugins

Rapportive is very useful to build a social relationship with the person you are sending an email. Whenever you send an email or when you open any received mail, you can see the recipient’s data on the right side. It displays all the information about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites you are connected with. It also helps us to check whether the recipient’s email address is valid or not. If apps load the data, it means that email address is valid. You will get to know the full information of the person who has sent the mail to you.

2. Boomerang

Boomerang for gmail

Boomerang for Gmail helps you schedule mails. Sometimes, there may be a situation, when you do not want to reply immediately to a mail. Then Boomerang can help you. You can snooze the email to get back to your inbox after 1 day, 1 month, 2 months or after a specified time to remind you. It removes the mail from your inbox for that specific time and will appear back to inbox after the specified time.

You can even send the composed email after a specified time. Once you are done with composing the mail, Boomerang allows you to schedule the mail after a specific time. You can even specify the recurring time for the composed mail, so that it sends an email to the recipients regularly at the specified time. This would be helpful when you want to send a meeting request for every week and so on. For free version, you can schedule 10 mails per month and if you want it for more, then you can subscribe to the premium membership.


MailTrack for Gmail

Want to know whether the recipient has seen your mail or not? If you say yes, then is for you. Just install it for your Gmail and when you sent a mail, it gives you one green tick mark which specifies that your mail has reached the recipient. When the recipient opens the mail, you will be shown two green tick marks beside the mail. If you over the mouse to those tick marks, it shows when the recipient has opened the mail and also shows the browsers used.

If recipient is only one, then only the sender needs to have the installed. If there are group of recipients in your mail, then you will be notified which recipient has seen the mail, but this requires both sender and receiver has the installed.

4. Unroll.Me

Unroll Me for Gmail

Unroll.Me allows you to unsubscribe from various subscriptions all at once. You might have subscribed to various newsletters which look useful at that time and you may not be interested in them right now. There might be many newsletters and you cannot unsubscribe each and everyone. But, do not worry. Unroll.Me comes to the rescue and lets us unsubscribe all those unwanted subscriptions in a single shot.

You can eve create your own email digest with your favorite subscriptions called The Rollup. You can specify the time to receive this Rollup and all mails will be sent as a single digest at specified time. You need to give it a try today.

5. WiseStamp

Wisestamp for Gmail

Want to create some cool and attractive email signature for your Gmail? Then WiseStamp is the best choice. It allows you to create attractive email signature with your image. You can specify links to your social media sites as icons and promote your business. You can add colors and choose different templates. It also allows you to add RSS Feed to your signature to insert your recent posts. If you want to have different signatures for different mails, WiseStamp does that for you.

Did I miss any?

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  1. Grumpigeek

    Apps like Boomerang are great for making your boss think you are working late. Compose the email at 6.00pm. It gets sent at 11.00pm.

    Surprisingly effective.

  2. Fontesca

    Scheduling emails and snoozing them might come in handy, but If you need to do this with a lot of them, Boomerang is expensive (at least for me). There’a s free alternative though, Deskun.

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