These are some of the best games for Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile is not yet the platform we hope it could be, but that is not stopping developers from releasing some fun games that have us hooked. These games range from simple to advance though we must admit the touch screen controls can be an issue at times.

Let’s get down to business and talk about these awesome video games for Windows 10 Mobile. They are all fun from our perspective, but some folks might think otherwise.

Games for Windows 10 Mobile

Games for Windows 10 Mobile

1] Halo: Spartan Strike: We reviewed this game not so long ago, and yes, it is fun to play, but the fun fails to hold up until the end. Nevertheless, Spartan Strike is one of the best games on Windows 10 Mobile right now. Unfortunately, the game is not exclusive and can be played on Android and iOS.

2] World of Tanks: Blitz: This game is something else, we’re being honest there, World of Tanks: Blitz is a lot of fun. Personally, I’m a huge World of Tanks fan and have been playing the game ever since it was released on the Xbox One. The game is all about rolling out your tank in a multiplayer match with the sole goal to destroy the enemy team.

The tanks in the game are replicas of World War 1 and World War 2 battle tanks. Players can find tanks from several nations that took part in the war.

For those who are wondering World of Tanks: Blitz comes packed with five different class tanks. Light Tank, Medium Tank, Heavy Tank, Tank Destroyer, and Artillery.

3] Shadow Fight 2: Fighting games on mobile devices are usually a pain in the fingers, and Shadow Fight 2 is no different. Trust us, you’ll literally experience pain in your fingers because you will be playing this game for hours.

The game throws you into battle with a fighter who lost his body and is now just a shadow. Players must use this fighter to defeat several enemies along with updating his skill set. As time goes on, gamers will have the option to use magic and ranged weapons.

4] Major Mayhem WP: The Windows 10 Mobile platform is filled with shooters, but you know what? Most are too serious, and as such, lack that fun aspect a mobile game should have. But this is not the case for Major Mayhem WP because it is filled with action and a lot of fun to boot.

The story is dead simple. The character’s girlfriend was recently kidnapped, so the President calls on you to help bring these criminals to justice and save your girlfriend at the same time. There’s a huge twist waiting at the end of the game, so look out for that.

5] UNO & Friends: I love me a game of Uno, even if it tries to grab real money from my pocket via micro-transactions. This is a game from EA, so expect some quality fun, especially since the whole game is multiplayer-based. Playing a game of Uno with different people from around the world has never been this fun. By the way, the game is also available for Windows 10.

Let us know your favorites!

Now take a look at some of the best Windows 10 games to play today.

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  1. Rama Job

    Just by itself, Windows 10 Phone is nothing more than a game. The OS is not intuitive, clunky, and buggy. More Microsoft junk…

    Let’s our use a phone to make a phone call, not use it for all of this invasive and counter-privacy crap. Let the technology backlash begin…

  2. Windows 10 Mobile is outstanding.

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