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It’s been almost one and half year since Windows 7 was released by Microsoft and there is no doubt in saying that it is the most secure, user friendly, easy to manage operating system ever made in this world. It was developed after years of extensive research, public feedback, testing and study of user behavior towards  a operating system. Windows 7 has been developed by keeping each and every of us in mind, that is why so many different SKUs of Windows 7 made available in market.

Windows 7 enterprise

Windows 7 Enterprise is one of them! It is the result of research, designed to meet the evolving needs of both business users and IT professionals. With its exclusive features tailored to address enterprise requirements, Windows 7 Enterprise can help drive total cost of ownership lower by making users productive anywhere, enhancing data and network security, and simplifying PC management across the organization.

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) integrates into Windows 7 deployments, enhancing application delivery and compatibility leveraging virtualization technologies, and increasing IT responsiveness and user uptime through diagnostics, monitoring and policy management tools.

As an integral part of the planning process for Windows 7 Enterprise, Microsoft conducted extensive research with close to 4,000 customers from developing and emerging markets. This research helped identify their top areas of concern: risk management, compliance, and mobility. In the research, Microsoft confirmed that:

  • Over half of the organizations (56 percent) said they needed help protecting corporate data on laptops.
  • Even more (61 percent) were concerned about ensuring that people install and use only authorized applications for fear of security breaches from unauthorized applications.
  • Nearly half (49 percent) were eager to make it easier for remote workers to access corporate resources.

So what makes Windows 7 Enterprise, the only solution, to all the problems currently corporate world is facing? And also how it helps in increasing the productivity, controlling risk and improved PC resource management.

Make people Productive anywhere

Windows 7 Enterprise helps keep branch workers connected to headquarters and lets organizations enable and enhance mobile worker productivity. With BranchCache, employees at branch offices can access data from servers at a main office as easily and securely as if they were accessing a server at their branch, without negatively impacting network bandwidth utilization. Along with Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7 Enterprise offers an alternative to alleviate the problems of slow connectivity to the branch. Copies of files are cached locally, so when other users access that file, they access the local copy instead of the corporate headquarter version.

Manage risk through enhanced security and control

Windows 7 Enterprise builds on the strong Windows Vista security foundation, adding advanced capabilities for IT to protect corporate data and help attain better compliance. Windows 7 Enterprise helps IT administrators keep the network safe from unauthorized applications, while protecting against lost or stolen company data. With AppLocker, Windows 7 Enterprise improves the productivity and effectiveness of the IT department with powerful application control policies that make it easy to restrict unauthorized software and allow only approved applications. This capability provides a flexible mechanism that allows administrators to specify via Group Policy exactly what is allowed to run on their systems, and gives users the ability to run applications, installation programs, and scripts that administrators have explicitly granted permission to execute.

In addition to protecting the organization from attacks due to unwanted software downloads, AppLocker can help en-sure that task workers, for example, stay more efficient by only having access to the applications they need.

And with BitLocker To Go, users can conveniently store and share data using encrypted USB drives and minimize the risk of exposing sensitive data if those drives are misplaced or stolen.

Reduce costs by streamlining PC management

Windows 7 Enterprise makes managing and deploying desktops, laptops, and virtual environments even easier, while enabling IT professionals to use the same tools and skills they use today with Windows Vista. New scripting and automation capabilities, based on Windows PowerShell 2.0, reduce the costs of managing and troubleshooting PCs. Windows 7 Enterprise also helps businesses more easily maintain virtual machine images, and provides a richer user experience when accessing those virtual machines running on Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V over remote connections.

To help reduce IT management costs, Windows 7 Enterprise supports up to 36 different languages (as language packs within the operating system) and provides tools for streamlining deployment and enabling multiple languages within a single Windows image. With advanced deployment tools, Windows 7 Enterprise can save hundreds of dollars per PC per year, offering tools for offline image servicing for both physical and virtual images that allows IT workers to more easily set up and manage computers throughout the organization.

Addressing application compatibility

As organizations begin their pilots and start testing Windows 7, many have questions about application compatibility. Listening to customers and working with them to understand these requirements, Microsoft has created a comprehensive set of tools, guidance, and resources to help organizations address application compatibility as part of their Windows 7 deployment. To cop with the issue of Compatibility Windows 7 Enterprise has one special tool, MDOP.

The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance (MDOP) includes two key products which can help mitigate application compatibility issues. Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) can help reduce the time-consuming regression testing for application-to-application conflicts, by isolating applications from each other and the rest of the operating system. Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization MED-V), helps to mitigate application-to-operating system compatibility issues by providing an integrated virtual environment for legacy operating systems. This allows incompatible applications to run seamlessly for users.


Windows 7 Enterprise reflects a continued focus on end user productivity, security, and manageability, in addition to a strong emphasis on fundamentals and efforts to help enterprise organizations get the most out of their technology investments. By optimizing desktop infrastructure to make users more productive anywhere, managing risk by enhancing security and control, and reducing costs by streamlining PC management. So, Start your deployment now!

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