Bend, a Metro UI based Text Editor with the goodness of Microsoft, Google & Apple

It’s hard to imagine a piece of software which borrows application goodness from Microsoft, Apple, and Google. No, I’m not talking about the computing ecosystem at “Shangri-La”, but a ‘modern’ text editor – Bend – which is probably the first Windows application that features the now popular Metro UI. The UI and typography has as yet been adopted across several product groups at Microsoft including Windows Media Center, Zune, Xbox, and the upcoming Windows Phone 7.

Bend borrows the user interface from Zune client, Find on page from Safari, and tabs from Chrome. These picks and XAML/WPF richness adds up together to come across as a very neat and useful application. Using the hardware acceleration with WPF, the text presentation is very elegant, without any CPU overheads.

Salient features:

  • Syntax highlighting (Extensible and supports .asp/.boo/.bat/.coco/.cpp/.cs/.html/.java/.js/.php/.vb/.xml)
  • Tab management
  • Find on page (A find page that dims the entire page to make the highlighted text stand out)
  • Zoom Ctrl + Mouse wheel
  • Windows Explorer right-click association
  • File change monitoring
  • Clean uninstall

Bend is still work in progress, and is open-source. You can expect few surprises and bugs during your usage.

Check it out at its Homepage!

Bend works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP SP3, with the basic requirement of .NET Framework 4.0.

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  1. persman

    YES this is a perfect text editor in Designing
    but i cant write the right language ( such as Persian or Arabia)

  2. Javadave

    The website for Bend is no longer there. Too bad, this is a nice start for an editor.

  3. AbhishekBaxi@TWC

    @Javadave I have no idea, and I’m surprised. It looked good. Maybe, it would appear in some other avatar.

  4. Pauly

    I can’t download this either. Says,
    “This project is not yet published

    If you are a coordinator or developer on this project, please sign in to access the project.”

  5. birkhoff

    but now it is not available!

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