Benchmark your CPU and system components with OverClock Checking Tool

OCCT or OverClock Checking Tool is a CPU stability testing program to test your CPU’s stability under various conditions. Often on Windows, we encounter random freezes and lags, while gaming or performing intensive work. The problem may continue to exist, even after you reinstall your Windows because in such cases, it is the hardware which could be causing the problem. We can run a variety of stress tests to find out what is causing the crash – maybe it Overclocking, RAM or CPU. This nifty little program will help in running a variety of stress tests to find out what is causing it.

OverClock Checking Tool for WindowsPC

OverClock Checking Tool

Benchmark CPU free

Main features:

  • Three different test types
    • CPU = no RAM tested, a lot of heat generated on the CPU, errors are usually CPU-centered
    • RAM = Maximum error detection, tests the whole chain CPU-Chipset-Memory
    • Mix = CPU and RAM alternated
  • Three tests modes
    • Auto = 1h long Mix test
    • Custom (Infinite) = Infinite loop of the test type of your choice
    • Custom (fixed) = A test of the type of your choice, and a duration of your choice
  • Integrated monitoring and System information thanks to CPU-Z and HWmonitor engine
  • External Monitoring Program support through plugins (Everest, Speedfan, and many more)
  • Graph output showing temperatures and voltages of your computer

Main stress tests:


  • CPU-centered tests
  • Fully compatible Core i7 compatible and optimized


  • The very same as IntelBurnTest, based on a test provided by Intel
  • It will make your CPU hotter than ever!
  • 32 and 64 bits support


  • Home-made test written in Direct3D that will make your GPU really hot – this test is similar to ATITool and Furmark
  • Will make your graphics card real hot – especially the GPU
  • Has an error detection mode similar to ATITool
  • SLI and Crossfire support


  • MemTest86+ like test on your Graphic card memory and report any error found
  • Requires a Nvidia Graphic Card, and a GeForce 8 or Higher!

Power Supply

  • Dedicated to power supplies – it’ll launch GPU:3D and CPU:LINPACK at the same time to load your power supply. BEWARE, THIS TEST IS REALLY DEMANDING!
  • This test demands 30 to 40% more power than crisis on a quad-core system with an SLI graphic system installed.

OCCT download

Download OCCT from its home page.

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