Beamatron : A Virtual Reality Concept From Microsoft Research

I’ve has discussed many topics on Microsoft Research here, but this time it is special and it is something very cool that takes you into a 3D world with augmented reality. Microsoft calls it Beamatron.

Looking at it for the first time you would see something like a spot light which you see in night clubs. There is a head unit, which posses a Microsoft Kinect and a projector, the kinect is responsible to sense the dimensions, positions and moments and the projector emits lights in 3D form which finally creates a 3D model anywhere in the room.

The video shown here showcases a person driving a virtual car. The Kinect on the head unit captures the location of the car as well as the obstacles around it – thus the car tumbles when driven over uneven surface and cannot move through walls.

It must be said that Kinect is one of the best gadgets, since it came out in the market, and people are already experimenting with it.  With this concept of Beamatron, Microsoft wants to demonstrate how such wonderful things can be possible from an accessory that is on sale. With few dollars to spare and some programming skills you can also come up with a new concept that can make technology more interesting.

However you may now be wondering where Beamatron would be useful in day to day life? I personally feel it can fit into many places, Imagine that you have newspaper being projected from Beamatron and you can easily interact with it, in virtual reality. Also in gaming, where you can stand under the Beamatron and it creates a complete environment around you.

Lastly it has the ability to bring notifications and other graphics to the attention of the user by automatically placing the graphics within the user’s view.

Check this video out, to know more about it:


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