Back up Programs and Settings with CloneApp for Windows

There might come a time when you might want to uninstall and re-install programs on your Windows computer for numerous reasons. A fresh re-install tends to have its advantages, but the problem is, you will likely lose all program settings.

Going through every program to customize them all over again can be a pain, so how does one overcome such madness? Well, there a program called CloneApp that allows the user to backup program settings from the Windows directory or the registry.

Backup Programs along with its Settings

Back up Applications and Settings with CloneApp for Windows

We’re not sure how many computer users would want to use CloneApp to back up settings, but for those who require something like this, we can say for the fact that it works like a charm.

How does CloneApp work:

Once the ClopeApp program is installed and launched, users should notice how easy on the eyes the user interface is. On the left side, there’s a pane with everything you’ll need to make CloneApp work for you. There you should see the “Clone” button, pressing it will bring you to the programs that can be cloned.

We should point out that CloneApp only supports a small number of programs, so don’t expect everything installed on your computer to work. We can say that many of the traditional programs are supported, such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Office and so on.

To clone a program’s settings, click on the name from the “Supported” list and then click on Start CloneApp. Sit back and watch the program’s data begin to save to your hard drive.

Should the program be deleted and reinstalled, just find the name again in CloneApp and click on Restore to regain the previous settings. The whole thing is quite easy and to do and to understand, so even novices should feel right at home here.

When it comes down to the settings area, which is called, “Options,” users can change where the backed up data is saved. By default, it is saved in the CloneApp folder in another folder called, Backup.

CloneApp for Windows

We also like the fact that users can set the program to compress data using 7z Compression.

Overall, we love what CloneApp sets out do, but it is just not something we need in our day to day computer related lives. We can definitely see the benefits here for some people, but chances are the majority is not too concerned with reconfiguring a program after installation.

CloneApp for Windows free download

Go get CloneApp from its home page if you think you have a use for it. The same developer also offers you CloneApp UA which lets you back up and restore Windows UWP App settings

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