Avira Privacy Pal will remove digital traces and help maintain digital privacy

As more and more services are going online, it has become essential to maintain online privacy. While you use more and more applications on your computer, there are increased chances of getting your personal information exposed. There are quite a few ways with which you can ensure that you are always protected against such vulnerabilities. One of them is keeping a constant check on your privacy settings. Which is quite difficult to do on a regular basis. In this post, we’ve covered a free tool called Avira Privacy Pal that helps you regulate your privacy settings and ensure that you are always protected.

Avira Privacy Pal

Avira Privacy Pal is a free security software that will harden your Windows privacy settings as well delete digital traces of data from your computer that can expose your identity or personal information. It looks for privacy vulnerabilities and offers to patch them up for you.

Avira Privacy Pal

Avira is a well-known name in the security software industry, and same is reflected in this tool as well. Privacy Pal is more of like your privacy assistant that can constantly look for any privacy vulnerabilities and fix them. Moreover, it can provide you with suggestions and tips that you can follow to fix privacy-related issues. The program is completely free and aims to clear the digital traces left behind after you use your computer.

Once you have it installed on your computer, Privacy Pal will walk you through an intuitive wizard. Here you can select the level of protection and what kind of personal data you want to remove from your computer.

There are three protection levels available: Basic, Enhanced, and Personalized. Go for Basic if you are looking for some simple protection against web tracking. Select Enhanced if you want applications to stop collecting data from your computer. Go for Personalized if you want to customize the way Privacy Pal works for you.

The program also displays the level of current protection, select an appropriate mode can increase it. For instance, selecting Enhanced mode shot up the level to 50%. Once you have selected your protection level, you can hit Start to initiate a scan.

Scan Results

The scan results will show you the number of digital traces that can be cleaned from your computer. These traces have been aggregated from a lot of sources including Browser Cache, Cookies, Browsing and Downloading History, Browser Session and Input, Chat Logs and Application Usage.

You can also delete this data selectively for one browser. Privacy Pal can also stop applications from collecting your data and tracking you. This also includes Microsoft applications like Cortana, Office, etc. It can completely stop Cortana from tracking your location and accessing your calendar, contacts, and browsing history.

Moreover, the tool can also clear Skype Chat logs so that there is no history of your private chats anywhere stored on your computer. You must be getting ads on websites that are relevant to your browsing history. Privacy Pal can also disable web tracking and limit the information these advertisements collect. After this, you won’t get any personalized advertisements on websites.

Once you have carefully selected what data you want to clear, you can hit the Clean button to remove these traces. Once you have cleaned of everything, you will be able to see a rise in your current protection level.

The program does not only wipe the traces away but also looks for any privacy vulnerabilities. It is a one-stop solution for all privacy related issues. Moreover, the tool has been very neatly designed and is easy to use. It does not throw up any technical terms or keywords that are not understood by the normal user. It is a must have privacy assistant in this digital age. Click here to download Avira Privacy Pal.

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