Aviary Photo Editor app for Windows 10 is great for basic photo editing

One of the major things Microsoft is pushing in Windows 10 is the Store. Since the launch of Windows 8 years ago, we have found it difficult to locate anything of use from the Store that is not Microsoft branded. However, there is an app called Aviary Photo Editor, so let’s dig in and see what this thing is all about.

Aviary Photo Editor app for Windows

Plain and simple, this app was designed to edit your images, but boy, it falls short in many departments to the point where we have to wonder if this is even a real photo editor. It does a few things well, but it is clear after launching it for the first time that it wouldn’t be able to hold up against native apps.

Aviary Photo Editor

It is one of the most popular apps in the Windows Store at the moment, and, to be honest, we can’t see why this the case.

The Pros:

Alright, so Aviary Photo Editor is simple to use; even a baby could get its head around using all features in less than 10 minutes. Furthermore, the features are plenty, and all of them are easy to use. From first glance, it is clear that Aviary was not designed with the advanced user in mind.

Want to crop an image? No problem. Just browse to the required image or click on it if is on the screen, and choose Crop. This feature should be seen at the bottom with all the other features Aviary brings to the table.

After clicking on Crop, use the mouse or your fingers should you be using a touch-screen, to choose how large or small you want to crop to be. For the extreme novices, there is a list of presets at the bottom, so just click or tap the one that fits your need, and hit “Done” at the top.

All the other features work in a similar manner. Do you want to add a sticker your image? Choose the picture, click on the feature that says “Stickers”, then browse through the available stickers at the bottom. Once a sticker is added, it can be moved around at will. Hit the “Done” button at the top to finish.

The Cons:

No possible way to resize images. Come on, this is a photo editor, and even novices should be able to understand how to properly resize an image. Not to mention, the user interface is weak. It seems the developers first created this app for Windows Phone, then made it available for Windows 8.1 and 10 without changing much of the design.


Aviary Photo Editor is great but good enough for basic tasks. From here on we’ll be scouring the Windows Store for any app that might be useful in a productive way. Chances are we might never come across such an app for quite some time, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Aviary Photo Editor free download for PC

The app is a free download from the Windows Store.

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  1. Katri

    Question – How do you save the picture that you have worked on? I have it all set and there is no “save as” button???

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