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AVG releases first AntiVirus app for Windows Phone

The first antivirus scanner for Windows Phone has been released by AVG, even though there are no threats detected for Windows Phone yet.


Free Security Suite from AVG Mobilation – security software for Windows Phone. Promises a safe web surfing experience and protect you from phishing and malware while surfing the web, says its description on the MarketPlace.

Windows Phone operating system uses isolated storage and does not allow access to its file system, so the app cannot actually scan the system files.

So what does this app do?

This anti virus does not offer real-time protection but works as an on-demand scanner to scan your Audio, Video and Image files only. Apart from displaying AVG ads, the apps real-time AVG LinkScanner also promises to detect threats before you land on any webpage. But this LinkScanner is known to give out false-positives, thereby blocking you at times, from visiting genuine sites.

So why launch the app!? Probably just to be the first antivirus scanner for Windows Phone!

Anyway if you are a Windows Phone user and want to check it out, go get the 5MB app here for free.