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Ayush has been a Windows enthusiast since the day he got his first PC with Windows 98SE. He is an active Windows Insider since Day 1 and is now a Windows Insider MVP. He has been testing pre-release services on his Windows 10 PC, Lumia, and Android devices.
Something went wrong with the projection error

Something went wrong with the projection error on Windows 10

Windows 10 is made with the aim of building an operating system to enhance a user’s productivity. Hence, modern computers running Windows 10 have capabilities to wirelessly project their screen to an external display. Microsoft has a pre-installed and dedicated […]

Spacebar or Enter key is not working

Spacebar or Enter key is not working

Spacebar and Enter keys are used the most times, and they go unnoticed by anybody who is using a computer. We only realize the value of these unsung heroes of our daily computing when they stop working. It is an […]

View RAW image files on Windows 10

How to open and view RAW files on Windows 10

The RAW image file format contains a minimal amount of processed data from the camera hardware and hence brings in high quality and more detailed images. This is the reason RAW image files are usually very high in size. If […]

Reset the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser

How to reset the new Microsoft Edge Chromium browser

If your new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser is not working properly, you may have to Reset the Edge browser. Maybe the browser starts slowly, is slow to respond, hangs, crashes or generally does not work efficiently as it should. In […]

Your Phone app not working

Your Phone app not working or will not open on Windows 10

Your Phone is a Windows 10 UWP app by Microsoft that brings in the integration of a smartphone with the computer running Windows 10. Currently, it can sync your smartphone’s notifications, Photos, and Messages with the computer. In the future, […]

Package could not be registered

Package could not be registered

The Microsoft Photos app for Windows 10 is one of the best applications that are available on the Windows 10 operating system. But it may throw up errors at times. One such error is the one that says, Package could […]

Steam Missing Content Manifest error on Windows 10

Steam Error – Missing Content Manifest error on Windows 10

Steam is a great hub for users to get various types of games. But while downloading several games and updates to the software itself, users are reporting the Missing content manifest error. The complete error message is: An error occured […]

OBS Display Capture not working for OBS

OBS or Open Broadcaster Software is a free and open-source software which helps users to stream video and audio on online services like YouTube, Mixer, SoundCloud and more. The Display Capture module is for OBS’s Video feed sending the user’s […]

Windows Update error 0x80070003 in Windows 10

Windows Update error 0x80070003 on Windows 10

Error 0x80070003 can occur on a Windows computer when running Windows Update, activating Windows Firewall or downloading from the Windows Store. In this article, we will talk about Windows Update error 0x80070003. When this occurs, it usually means that the […]

Windows 10 Setup Error code 0x80070006

Fix Windows 10 Setup Error code 0x80070006

Windows 10 Setup may encounter errors at times for various reasons. One such error is code 0x80070006. In this post, I will share how you can fix Windows 10 Setup Error code 0x80070006. The error says- Windows cannot install required […]

Error 0xc1900403 for Windows Updates

Fix Windows Update Error 0xc1900403 on Windows 10

Error 0xc1900403 can occur on a Windows 10 computer when running Windows Update. The error states – There were problems installing some updates, but we’ll try again later, If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or […]

kernel power blue screen

Kernel Power Blue Screen on Windows 10

Windows 10 depends on several resources and software components to function as intended. Just for powering the machine, several smaller software components are supporting it. Some users are reporting Kernel Power Blue Screen error triggered by the Windows Kernel with […]

Slow download speeds for Microsoft Store

Slow download speeds for Microsoft Store on Windows 10

Microsoft Store is turning to be the hub for applications for Windows 10 devices. It even serves as a source for Movies and TV, Books, buying hardware directly from Microsoft and more. While downloading is usually smooth, if you are […]

Microsoft Terminal

How to install Windows Terminal on Windows 10 now

Microsoft has announced several tools, services, and APIs for developers to build great software. One such tool is Windows Terminal. It brings in the best of all Windows 10 command line under one with Tab support and supports various Linux command […]