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Ayush has been a Windows enthusiast since the day he got his first PC with Windows 98SE. He is an active Windows Insider since Day 1 and is now a Windows Insider MVP. He has been testing pre-release services on his Windows 10 PC, Lumia, and Android devices.
Microsoft Word Online tips and tricks

How to create a custom fillable form in Word

Creating custom fillable forms in Microsoft Office Word is not much of a task. It will work great for people who do not want to write code or do not want to spend time working on online solutions for creating […]

Error 0x80070002 in Outlook

How to fix Error 0x80070002 in Outlook on Windows 10

Microsoft has a lot of people especially from the Enterprise sector who rely on Microsoft Outlook for managing their emails and other communication. Some people even use Outlook for their personal emails. But sometimes while creating a new email account, […]

The selected boot device failed

The selected boot device failed error on Windows 10

If during installation, you receive an error message The selected boot device failed, Press <Enter> to Continue then know that this error can occur when you use a USB Stick or even a DVD Disk to boot from.  This is […]


The FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE Stop Error is usually caused due to a number of factors. Some of them are – an incomplete install or uninstall of some program or application; some exploit intervening with the normal functioning of your computer, bad sectors on the […]



When a CPU generates a trap or an exception, and the operating system kernel is not able to catch that particular trap, it gives out an annoying Blue Screen with the error message UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP. The error code for this […]


Fix BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER Blue Screen Error in Windows 10

Another annoying Blue Screen error is BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER. This error is occurred due to an issue with the usbhub.sys, winusb.sys or usbport.sys system driver file. This indicates that an error has occurred in a universal serial bus (USB) driver. Now, this driver is issued by […]


Fix fltmgr.sys Blue Screen on Windows 10

Filter Manager file or fltmgr.sys is responsible for making sure that all the file that is stored in a user’s hard drive stay in their respective locations. The Blue Screen error SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION (fltmgr.sys) is caused due to an […]

How to record Skype Calls on Windows 10, Android, iOS

Skype has been one of the main choices of people in the world. However, it has been facing some serious competition after facing is aggressively pushing video calling capabilities to its services including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Microsoft has therefore […]

Check Disk Space on remote computers

How to remotely check Disk Space on Windows computers

Many people tend to use multiple devices. This includes their smartphones, personal laptops, desktops in offices and homes. Even after a great cloud-based integration with the services like OneDrive, some simple things really need the physical presence of the user […]



UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION is a Stop Error on Windows 10 that indicates that the store component caught an unexpected exception. Now out of many potential causes, we have narrowed down to a few specific causes for this error. This can […]

GWXUX.EXE has stopped working in Windows 10

GWXUX has stopped working in Windows 10

GWXUX is a process that is responsible for downloading and installing updates for Windows 10. It is installed on to a computer via Windows Updates. That update is named as KB3035583. With this, the Get Windows 10 pop-ups are installed and then initiated by […]

Horizontal or Vertical lines on Laptop screen or Monitor

Horizontal or Vertical lines on Laptop screen or Monitor

The displays of a laptop, tablet or a monitor of a computer is one of the most important components of a computing machine. Whatever interaction that we do with that machine shows up on the monitor. With the introduction of GUI […]


DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Stop Error on Windows 10

This article contains step by step instructions on how to fix DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL Blue Screen error caused by iaStorA.sys, iaisp64 sys, Netwtw04.sys, nvlddmkm.sys, ndis.sys, wrUrlFlt.sys, rtwlane.sys, etc., driver files on Windows 10/8/7. This indicates that a […]

Use Windows Spotlight as Desktop Wallpaper Slideshow

The beautiful images that you see on your lock screen now and then come under the category of Windows Spotlight. These stunning images come from various sources from the aspects of photography of famous, historical, and other kinds of subjects. If you […]

Blue Yeti Drivers not recognized on Windows 10

Yeti from Blue is one of the best selling value for money Microphones. If you are someone who records podcasts, you have your audio recording studio, or you are a YouTuber, Blue’s Yeti is a great choice for you. Many […]