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Ayush has been a Windows enthusiast since the day he got his first PC with Windows 98SE. He is an active Windows Insider since Day 1 and is now a Windows Insider MVP. He has been testing pre-release services on his Windows 10 PC, Lumia, and Android devices.
How to use PowerRename on PowerToys for Windows 10

How to use PowerRename PowerToy for Windows 10

We earlier reported that Microsoft has revived and re-released PowerToys. However, in the initial release, it only had two utilities of FancyZones and Shortcut Guide. They have now pushed an update to PowerToys bringing it to version 0.12.0. This new […]

Windows Update error 0xC19001e2

Windows Update error 0xC19001e2 when installing Windows 10 Feature Update

Windows 10 continues to periodically receive updates to get the latest security patches and new features. However, many people who try to install large feature updates are reporting to encounter error code 0xC19001e2. The message for this error is MOSETUP_E_PREINSTALL_SCRIPT_FAILED. This error […]

Fix System Restore Error Code 0x81000203 on Windows 10

System Restore encountered an error code 0x81000203 on Windows 10

Some reports mention that Windows users are facing error code 0x81000203 while performing a System Restore. This error is caused due to multiple factors like intervention from third-party software, lack of supporting services running on the computer and more. There was […]

File History Shortcut

How to create a shortcut for File History on Windows 10

File History is a useful feature in the Windows 10 operating system. This feature makes an automatic back up versions of important files on a computer to internal or external storage on a computer. These files can also be backed […]

How to install Google Duo on Windows 10

How to install Google Duo on Windows 10

The Google Duo app is not available for Windows 10. But Google has released a web app for its voice and video calling service. With the power of Progressive Web Apps, Google Duo can also be installed using Edge browser on Windows […]

Snipping Tool taskbar

How to get Snipping Tool on Taskbar in Windows 10

The Snipping Tool can be used to create screenshots and screen snippets of a screen on your Windows computer. However, with recent feature updates of Windows 10, Microsoft has replaced it with the all-new Snip and Sketch app. But some […]

How to find out which Wireless Card is present in your laptop

How to find out which Wireless Card is present in your laptop

A lot about how your computer manages the network depends on the Wireless Card present and the driver version installed on your computer. There are some major manufacturers of these Wireless Cards on computers like Realtek, Qualcomm, Atheros, and more. […]

What is Windows 10 X? Should you install it on your computer?

What is Windows 10X? Everything you need to know

Microsoft took off the wraps from various new Surface devices and software features for Windows 10. They not only announced not only new devices but also new features that would be available. One of the new Surface devices announced was […]

How to enable and use Xbox Action for Google Assistant

How to enable and use Xbox Action for Google Assistant

Controlling devices with voice is the new thing when it comes to the IoT. The growth of smart speakers brings in to the scope of voice controlling appliances is growing too. With this, Microsoft has announced support for Xbox Action […]

copy paste not working

Copy and Paste not working in Windows 10

The Copy and Paste feature in Windows is one of the most basic often-used features in the OS. But for some reason, if you find that it is not working normally as required, then this post will help you fix […]

Fix NVIDIA GameStream not working on Windows 10

Fix NVIDIA GameStream not working on Windows 10

NVIDIA GameStream service allows a user to stream games from your Windows 10 computer to other supported devices. These supported devices include the NVIDIA SHIELD devices. Some users have reported that NVIDIA GameStream is not working on Windows 10. This […]

Windows 10 Hyper-V Network adapter not connected

Hyper-V Network adapter not connected in Windows 10

Hyper-V is a great utility built right inside the Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise editions to enable users to deploy Virtual Machines and other virtualization objects on their computers. Mostly used by the enterprise, Hyper-V is mostly used to deploy […]

Add custom command line in Windows Terminal

How to add custom command line in Windows Terminal

With Windows Terminal, the company is trying to bring all the command-line based utilities under one UWP shell. Out of the box, it includes Windows PowerShell and Windows Command Prompt – but if someone wants, they can include another command-line […]