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The author has been a Microsoft MVP awardee in various Windows categories (2006-2016) and currently a Windows Insider MVP. A Technology Enthusiast, interested in anything technical and is committed to Microsoft technologies and products. He is actively associated with various Microsoft online communities, forums, Newsgroups and has been actively involved in Beta testing various Microsoft products and bug submissions.

SkyDrive now supports ODF, Twitter, 300 MB uploads and Short URLs

Windows Live SkyDrive recently has introduced several new features, Today I came across a tweet from the SkyDrive Team, that it had received some more cool updates. SkyDrive now supports the Open Document Formats (ODF). This means that any ODF file on SkyDrive […]

SkyCMD – The DOS SkyDrive, a workable Geeky Prank !

On Apr, 1st, Tony East – the Lead Program Manager, SkyDrive.com blog, posted about an even faster version of SkyDrive. As you know SkyDrive has been improved upon by taking advantage of modern browsers and HTML5 to make it faster. […]

Microsoft Metro Apps Updates are available for Windows 8 CP

If you haven’t yet updated your Windows 8 CP, I would like to inform you that updates are now available for Mail, Calendar, People, Messaging, SkyDrive and Photos Apps in Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Some bugs have been fixed in […]

Some more cool new features and tidbits in Windows 8 CP

In our earlier post featuring some cool new features and tidbits in Windows 8 CP we had seen some new features and tidbits in Windows 8 CP and have also talked about how to get started using Windows 8. Now here are some […]

How to Mount & Unmount ISO file in Windows 10/8

Many a times you must have used third-party software to quickly Mount a disc image. This image appears as a Virtual DVD drive. Mounting ISO image is a great way to view and run the content of the disk image without having to burn it into […]

Cool new features and tidbits in Windows 8 CP

So have you downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview yet or not? You must have heard that within a day of Windows 8 Consumer Preview release, there were more than million downloads of it. In this article let us see some cool new […]

Hotmail’s war on Graymail – Filters out over 100 million email

We have already seen Hotmail’s new features to fight graymail introduced a couple of months back. We have also seen how Microsoft has been improving its filtering technology, with great success in fighting Graymail.  The Sweep and Schedule Cleanup tools, my favorite one’s are best way to […]

Gmail vs Hotmail: Why Hotmail is better than Gmail

With Google Plus-ifying its search results and updating its Privacy Policy and Terms, many users are planning to make a move away from using many of its services. We have already seen some Google Search Alternatives. For Gmail too, there is an alternative […]

Hotmail app for Kindle Fire released

Microsoft is making sure that its Hotmail users can access Hotmail from any device and also get a rich experience in the process. That’s why they are releasing apps for various device platforms, and they will continue to invest in it […]

Stay Organized with Hotmail’s Sweep and Schedule Cleanup features

In our last post, we saw how Hotmail improves Newsletter filtering and how it reduced Spam drastically, and how it also trained its SmartScreen technology to identify a specific kind of Graymail. Now although it categorizes such Graymail under various headings like […]