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WikiRama v1.1 for Windows Phone released

Wikipedia is the best source for all kind of content on the web. And when the web is in your hands in the form of a Windows Phone, then why not use the best? Welcome to  WikiRama which allows you […]

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Microsoft Office 365 released – Pricing, Video, Links

June 28 2011 witnessed Microsoft Office 365 remove the ‘Beta’ tag from its name and step foot into the business domain with a basketful of advantages and cost-saving options. The bottom line is that Microsoft Office 365 allows you to […]

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Why is Firefox releasing a new version every 6 weeks?

June 21 2011 saw the release of Firefox 5, almost three months after its earlier version Firefox 4 was released. By the time users got acquainted with the usage of Firefox 4, Mozilla sent them a new release version in […]

Google loses 16% of its user share; Bing gains!

Almost all Softies proudly beam that they are ‘BING’ guys. And by BING, they mean ‘Best Is Not Good’. They get into an argument if one says BING is only a search engine. For its also a decision engine. And […]

8 reasons why Windows 8 will rock!

I wasn’t much waiting for the  Computex 2011 at Taipei, Taiwan but when Microsoft has something to say, I am all eyes and ears. And they didn’t disappoint me. In fact they left me with an urge to earn as […]

Will the Nokia-Microsoft soup be sweet or sour?

Ouch! That hurts. At least to me, having been a Nokia loyalist for the 7th year running. There was a time when all we used to hear about mobile phones was model numbers like 1100, 3310, 2300 et al. Nokia […]

Top 10 Windows Phone 7 apps

The Windows Phone MarketPlace now offers more than 12000 apps and games, which many more appearing every day. Here is our list of 10 most useful Windows Phone 7 apps:

Internet Explorer 10: What to expect ?

‘Fast and Effective’ are the two words which have caught every software firm’s imagination, when it comes to developing client products. The browser market is itself much ado with the above strategy after the Internet Explorer 10 platform preview was […]

BOSS Linux: The Desi Operating System from India

Want to know who the ‘BOSS’ of the Indian Software Industry is? No it isn’t any human being here. Its an operating system which has an uncanny resemblance to its name. Critics describe it as “the most meaningful product to […]