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Windows Phone 7 Interoperability Site for iPhone Developers

It’s been almost 3 months since the Windows Phone 7 worldwide launch and since then the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has been growing at an exponential rate with more than 20,000 developers working on the Marketplace with around 6,000 apps […]

Mac’ify your Firefox Browser

All those Apple theme fans out there,  if you are fond of seeing that gray shaded window with blue Scroll bar and status bars and the overall “Mac Experience” on your Firefox browser, I’ve just stumbled onto a great theme […]

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Windows Phone Developer Tools Updates Released

Microsoft launched the Windows Phone 7 on 11th October and the roll out of devices has already started in a few countries in Asia and Europe; with the US launch just around the corner. Quite recently they have also released […]

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Download:Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 RC

Today Microsoft made available the Release Candidate of the upcoming version of the Service Pack 1, for Windows 7 as well as Windows Server 2008 R2 versions. With this RC release  we can expect the final version of the service […]

Firefox Persona to dress up your Firefox browser

First … for those of you who don’t know what a Firefox Persona is, it’s a special kind of Firefox theme which changes the look of the browser without affecting its functional buttons, menus, toolbars etc. It helps you dress […]

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Opera 11 will support Extensions

This was long due! Opera, one of the alternate browsers I use, apart from Mozilla, in spite of having several good features  wasn’t able to  live upto the increasing expectations, mainly because of the fact that there wasn’t any support […]

Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch Event

With less than a month of time for the Mega launch of  Windows Phone 7  it was just a matter of time for such an event from Microsoft. Today they announced the schedule for the Developer launch event.

Build Windows Phone 7 Apps Using Visual Basic

The developers were just getting started to work on with the final release of the Windows Phone Developer Tools which was release almost a week ago. And guess what !? Now all those Visual Basic Developers can try their hands […]

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Internet Explorer 9 crosses 2 million downloads in 2 days

Microsoft launched the latest version of Internet Explorer,  that is 9 Beta on 15th September, and within a couple of days of its launch it’s already started  creating a lot of buzz around the web as well as getting into […]

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Download Windows Phone Developer Tools Final

It was just a couple of weeks ago that the Windows Phone 7 operating system was Released to Manufacturers. Yesterday Microsoft announced the Final Version of the Windows Phone Developer Tools.

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How much will Office for Mac 2011 cost?

Microsoft  officially  announced that the Office for Mac  2011 is Released To Manufacturers. This means that the product reached to its final stage and now  is being sent to production after the  product went through  as many as 6 beta […]