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Nitin Agarwal is an MVP alumni and a Pro Blogger. He was awarded as Most Valuable Professional for 3 times by Microsoft in Windows Expert - Consumer category. He is immensely inspired by Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and APJ Abdul Kalam.

Top 5 paid Internet Security Suites for Windows

With the increase in use of internet, the threat of unexpected virus attack on your PC is increasing, Internet Security solutions are must required to stay safe and secure. Most of us are searching for a better security solution these […]

Deploy Google Chrome browser in Enterprises

Ever wondered where Microsoft and Google would co-exist and would work inter-dependently? Google Chrome Frame is the answer!  One of the problems and bottlenecks faced by users of enterprises while browsing revolve around downloading a software or view a particular […]

Top 7 features of Windows Phone 7

At International CES 2011, Microsoft’s Liz Sloan from the Windows Phone team, in her keynote, demonstrated the top 7 features of Windows Phone 7.

What is Android operating system? A beginners read!

Today, the name Android operating system has become synonymous with a handheld device which can show movies, allow one to talk to another person, send messages, pictures, emails, play games and let you stay in touch with everybody. Android operating […]

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Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has jumped totally into the war of Cloud computing. To compete with Google and Amazon, Microsoft introduced cloud computing with Microsoft Azure technology. Microsoft Azure Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared servers provide resources, software, and data to […]

Top 5 Social Media Services Windows Phone Apps

Windows Phone already has many social media integration features in it by default but there are some must have apps available at marketplace to download and use for free. Here are my personal favorite Social Media services apps which are […]

Top 5 must-have free software from Microsoft

Microsoft has a huge line-up of paid software, but it also has lots of high-quality software that are available for free to use. Here is our list of top 5 must have free software from Microsoft. Free Microsoft Downloads 1. Microsoft […]

Top 10 Windows 7 laptops for home use

With the power of Windows 7, PC manufacturer’s released some amazing laptops this year. They have super power of Intel processors and have nice memory chips in them. These are top 10 of my personal favorite Windows 7 laptops.

Use your Windows 7 computer, the Windows 7 way!

The Windows 7 operating system was designed in response to user feedback, so it features improvements that make it faster, more reliable, and easier for you to use computer. This article is for my non-techie friends, many of who are […]

A comprehensive look at value of Microsoft Certifications

Over the past 17 years, more than 4 million professionals have earned a Microsoft Certification. As a leader in the certification industry, Microsoft reports on the value of certification, the relevance of its programs to address the needs of professionals, […]

Top 10 tech gift ideas for Christmas

Everybody loves gadgets as they makes our living experience better and comfortable and there is nothing better than to gift a tech gadget this Christmas. This year Microsoft, Apple and many other companies released some amazing and spectacular products like […]

Top 10 Microsoft Product releases of 2010

Microsoft released some amazing products this year worldwide, from software to hardware, gaming consoles to Business productivity suites, emailing to cloud apps and from computers to mobiles – Microsoft continues its innovation to push the human race forward. These are […]

Diagnose & troubleshoot problems with DirectX Diagnostic Tool

DirectX is a suite of technologies used by many of the multimedia programs in Windows. It is developed by Microsoft to provide hardware acceleration for heavy multimedia applications such as 3D games and HD videos. Windows 7 has  the latest […]

Set up your Windows computer to send and receive Faxes

In Windows 10/8/7, setting up your computer for receiving and sending faxes is very easy. Windows Fax and Scan application can practically turn your computer into a fax machine and proves to be a big money and time saver. Yow […]