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How to customize the Password Policy in Windows 10

You might have seen on certain websites that for registering, you will have to enter a password that matches the criterion set by the website (for example a password should be minimum 8 characters long, should contain lower and upper […]


What is UEFI or Unified Extensible Firmware Interface?

UEFI is the acronym for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. It is basically a replacement for BIOS which is used to set up the hardware and load and start an operating system in today’s Windows 10/8 PCs. What is UEFI The […]

Windows 8 : First Impressions Part 2

In my last post, we looked into the installation and the Metro interface. Now let’s take a closer look at the new additions and improvements of Windows 8. Microsoft has worked hard to bring about a consistent user experience across […]

Windows 8 : First Impressions Part 1

Last year in an interview, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer mentioned that Windows 8 will be the biggest risk Microsoft had ever taken. And it indeed is! Windows 8 has undergone the biggest makeover, even bigger than Windows 95 perhaps. Microsoft […]

How to Enable Preview Pane in Gmail

Google has added a new feature in their Labs which allows a user to enable a preview pane in Gmail. Rather than the conventional way of clicking an email, going back to the email list and clicking another email, you […]

3 Chrome Extensions for Safe Browsing

As much fun it is, Internet is also a place of severe security threats. There are millions of sites that are waiting to infect us with malware or steal our data. While Chrome has an in-built safe browsing feature which […]

Configure and allow Windows to run Specified Programs only

In certain situations, you might want to allow others to run only programs you specify on your computer. What you need is the Windows Group Policy Editor (which is available in Professional and above versions of Windows). To open Group […]

How To Create A Google Plus Vanity URL

Since its limited launch a few weeks ago, Google Plus has turned out to be pretty popular. It has already passed the 10 million user base and that number is increasing rapidly. UPDATE: Google Plus now allows you to create […]


What is Phishing and how to identify Phishing Attacks

Phishing (pronounced fishing) is a process which entices you to give out personal information by using electronic communication technique such as emails, masquerading to be from a legitimate source. Phishing is one of the fastest rising online crime method used […]

How To Add Two Step Verification To Your Google Account

The Two step verification process is a feature of Gmail that allows you to add an extra layer of security to your email account. If you enable the two step verification, whenever you check into a Google account from a […]

Microsoft Office 365 Review – Part 1 : Plans And Setup

Office 365 is Microsoft’s latest cloud offering for business, which comes with a lot of features and functionality. Basically it is a collection of hosted solutions of Microsoft Exchange for email, Lync for communication and SharePoint for storage, collaboration etc. […]

Configure Gmail in Windows Live Mail using POP

Most of us today use multiple email accounts for personal and work. And we have to check each one of them separately so that we don’t miss important email. It is much easier if you use a desktop email client […]