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Sleep Mode not working in Windows 10

Many times, we need to put our Windows computer into the Sleep Mode, so that we can instantly wake and use it when we need it, without losing the time required for booting it. But sometimes, Windows will not Sleep.  If Windows […]

Cannot start Microsoft Outlook, Cannot open the Outlook window

When it comes to managing emails, Outlook is the best companion a Windows user prefers. Outlook as a part of Microsoft Office has lots of features as compared to other email programs. However, in some situations, if Outlook gets misconfigured, […]

Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring in Windows 10

In Windows 10/8/7, we can encrypt the drives easily using BitLocker feature. Today in this article, we are introducing you with an additional technology that can be used for BitLocker feature –  Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM). MBAM provides […]

disable sign in after sleep

How to disable login after Sleep in Windows 10

We have already seen how to log in directly into Windows without entering a password. Today in this article, I’m going to share with you the option that is sometimes pretty helpful. Actually whenever we get to Sleep Mode in Windows […]

Windows 10 not saving captured Screenshots in Pictures folder

Till Windows 7, we had to rely upon third-party tools to capture current window or screen snapshot called screenshots, but with Windows 8 and Windows 10, taking screenshots isn’t an issue. To capture the whole screen at once, you need […]

How To Disable Font Smoothing In Windows 10

From Windows XP to Windows 10, Microsoft has improved the way Windows displays fonts. The smooth fonts introduced in Windows 7  – also continued in Windows 10/8, having an appealing and smart look. However, there are some folks who are not satisfied […]

Disable Show window contents while dragging In Windows 10

A few months ago, we posted about enhancing Windows performance by tweaking visual effects. One of the features you could disable is Show window contents while dragging. You might have observed that when you drag and drop contents in Windows 10/8, […]

Update Windows Defender definitions using Windows PowerShell

For basic security protection against virus and malware, Microsoft has built-in Windows Defender in your Windows 10 / 8 or later running operating systems. This means that you don’t need to install any antivirus programs and Windows Defender will take […]

How to use Microsoft Money on Windows 10

Many of you may be aware of Microsoft Money and have used it in the past. For those, who’re hearing this name for the very first time, let me know you that it’s a personal finance management software program from […]

Configure how Microsoft Edge treats Cookies

Internet Cookies is not a new term of today’s computing generation. It is an interaction between a web browser and a server holding a web page in which the server sends a Cookie to the browser, and the browser sends […]

The Diagnostics Policy Service is not running on Windows 10

If Networking is not working properly on your system running Windows 10/8/7, then this post will show you how to troubleshoot the problem. If you’re facing the issue of losing signal strength, the you need to first use the built-in […]


Enable Windows 10 Dark Theme using Registry Tweak

This tutorial will show you how to enable the hidden Windows 10 Dark Theme by editing the Windows Registry. We all love the way with which Microsoft designed Windows 10. They have given preference to users and implement all those […]

This App Couldn’t Be Installed, Error 0x80244018

In our past, we have shared you many solutions regarding errors faced while downloading, installing and updating Windows Store Apps. You can checkout solutions for errors 0×80070005, 0×80240437, 0x8024001e, 0x8024600e, 0x80073cf9, Something happened, and your purchase couldn’t be completed, Something […]

How to assign default Credential Provider in Windows 10

We all know that Windows 10 comes with multiple sign-in options available. This is possible due to the presence of various Credential Providers in the operating system. In earlier versions of Windows such Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc., the password […]